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The project runs system of 9 big knowledge -- communication management
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Think back to the project that you experience, had appeared the following such circumstance: When the client is checking project phase gain, point out a certain item characteristics that once asked did not include amid, and complain said to give a project early the member of the group with oral means report, bad is regard a project as the manager you however utterly ignorant, and that member explanation says to forget this a little bit; Or, the programmer of your at hand described the module framework that he is in charge of when the design is evaluated, however after software development comes out, the structure that you discover to this and you understand is widely divergent...

The situation that you encounter the likelihood what than going up the face speaks of is even complex. Does the problem go after all where be? Actually very simple, with respect to two words -- communicate. Above these problems are posed, communication way is wrong bring about information to did not reach destination. "The heart has Ling Xi to was connected " the likelihood is a kind of literature represents the wonderful state that give only. In actual life, culture setting, job setting, technology setting can cause people to understand means deviation to same episode very big.

In the project, communicating is to cannot be ignored more. One of jobs with project the mainest manager are communicated namely, the 75% ~ that normally the flower should take whole job in the time of this respect 90% . Each respects that nice communication gift gets good project of the problem with enough information, potential discovery, control.

The system of communication management

Generally speaking, in more complete communication runs a system in, should contain the content of the following respects: Communication planning, information is distributed, performance report and administrative ending. Communication plan decides the information of project implication person communicates demand: Needs what information, when to need, how to obtain. Information releases the information that makes need to send project implication person in time. Performance report is collected and disseminate executive information, include a state to report, plan reports and be forecasted. Project or project phase are in after achieve a goal or be being stopped because of reason, need undertakes ending, administrative ending includes the formation of project result documentation, include project notes to collect, the assurance of final to according with standard, effect to the project (success or lesson) the analysis that undertake and of these information file (use in order to have in the future) .

The project communicates a plan is the one part in project whole plan, its effect is very main, often also be ignored easily. There is whole communication plan in a lot of projects, bring about communicate special disorder. Some projects are communicated effective still also, but relation of complete support client or the project experience previously, perhaps say to rely on the discretion of ability of project manager individual completely. However, say strictly, a kind of efficient system should not exist in cerebrum only, also should not rely on merely oral impart, in fulfilling normative planning very be necessary. Consequently, in the project initiative phase also should include communication plan.
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