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"Project quality manages " research and discuss
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One, quality planning

The primary purpose that contemporary quality manages is: "Quality out plans, out of and rather than is checked " . Make the quality with accurate essence plan only, of ability guidance project carry out, do good quality to control.

Weave the quality of the project plans, must decide the limits of the project, semifinished product and end item above all, make clear the concerned regulation about semifinished product and end item, standard next, definite possibility affects the technical point of product quality, find out can ensure the process method of efficient and contented relevant provision, standard. Work out quality plans to use flow chart, cause and effect to analyse the method such as the graph to undertake an analysis to the project normally, need the crucial element of monitoring certainly, the testimony with reasonable setting is nodded (W is nodded) , shutdown needs check (H is nodded) , establish quality standard:

To complex project, when quality plans, the work out can use cause and effect to analyse a scheme, all sorts of reasons related the description and child how the reason produces potential problem or affect, will affect quality issue " person, machine, makings, law, annulus " the reason that waits for each respect undertakes be decomposinged meticulously, make corresponding precautionary measures in quality plan conveniently. The aviation accident accident that couplet thinks of to frequency of home of early days international is sent, the personage inside industry of almost all aviation mentions about flight safety " sea favour law " : A backside of great flight safety accident has accident sign 29 cases, every omen backside still can have accident symptom of a trend 300 cases.

Next, still must decide effective quality runs a system in quality plan, personnel of manage of clear quality inspect is in charge of the attributive with various quality administrator to project quality. Deming annulus (law of renown PDCA loop) wide application receives in serving as effective administrative tool to manage in quality, it adopts a plan -- carry out -- examination -- the quality annulus of measure, each link must get on quality annulus to fulfil each responsibility unit clearly in quality plan, what ability makes sure quality plans is effective carry out.

2, plan to carry out effective quality control according to quality

After quality plans to decide, the mass that builds according to its runs a system, each responsibility unit must the requirement according to PDCA quality annulus, carry out effective quality to control (see right picture) . Quality is controlled should perforative the whole process at the project, it can divide to monitor and command two stage: Monitored purpose is collected namely, record and the data news that report concerned project quality; Control is service mass monitors offerred data, undertake controlling, ensure project quality and plan keep consistent.
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