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The enterprise carries out force and construction of manpower resource system
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Executive force issue is the problem that business management layer pays close attention to very all the time, because if was done not have,be carried out, other again again all again good problem processing program, scientific management method, advanced technology application won't have satisfactory result, more do not talk to go up to rise and manage the implementation of the target of company performance. However, executive force inadequacy is current it seems that the common fault of most enterprise. A company that the author ever consulted a service also is such likewise: As standing general manager, his take care of everything oneself, ask for leave from the worker, cease the class changes shifts, to team and group manufacturing arrangement, equipment is decorated with transform, even worker borrow or lend money is its basically work. Ask its the reason, he always says: The low level management below person reach employee working ability is too poor -- if the issue that you plan is not being stared at, you let go, the person below is done " go out of form " , I also am to do not have method so.

Want to solve the executive force problem of the enterprise, should be the complex project of a system. In light of the angle that builds from manpower resource system, the author thinks to answer to solve from analysis of the following respect:

One, the premise that manpower resource system builds:

1, strategic link: The choice of the strategic direction of the enterprise and target, moving strategy and operation pattern, it is leader of company high level most the issue that considers first, this made sure the enterprise does right thing namely is the premise that executive force obtains satisfactory result, otherwise, executive strength is again good, also won't have good performance. These were elaborated no longer in this author.

2, constituent link: The function duty of branch and post differentiates must clear, science is reasonable, accord with the need that company business flow runs, such employee carry out rise to just can look mark makes clear: He should do what business, he should not do what business, and all sorts of things are how do, accomplish why to plant degree is waited a moment, employee accomplishs know fairly well, unapt heart is spellbound and not know what to do. The expressional form that organizes link is the setting that organizes branch, post and duty differentiate and flow chart of post manual, business. But, in a few enterprises, the phenomenon that main to oneself post and oneself responsibility does not understand some people is very common however, post installs unreasonable, function vacant the phenomenon with across is to be able to be found everywhere more.

2, construction of system of perfect manpower resource, raise an enterprise to implement power

1, invite applications for a job and appoint link: After sectional post had exact cause and clear function division of labor, see the ability that employee carries out next, undertake assessment to the relevant ability of employee with respect to need, go up to corresponding post according to evaluating a result to find a place for its, namely the question that person hillock matchs. This is with respect to need when invite applications for a job good close, link of invite applications for a job basically is to see applicant whether achieve company station place to need to hold a post requirement: Main job ability, place requires intellectual experience and skill, can develop latent capacity, still view of its viewpoint of value, morality waits each respects a moment, does the self-identity that the most important is pair of company culture, viewpoint of value feel how? If staff grows indifferent, heart to the enterprise,leave with enterprise support or oppose everywhere, without sense of responsibility and enterprise, did not become the desire of good job and motive force, although again tall, experience abounds his record of formal schooling again, so he is the executive strength with also won't be had better in the enterprise. At present small and medium sized business is ignored or this are accomplished hard. And to company insider member allocate, should pass a tool likewise special before working performance and its performance circumstance have professional ability quality evaluate reasonable configuration, accomplish person hillock suitable.
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