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Medium and small businesses how compose builds company culture
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Of enterprise of Chinese civilian battalion " short-lived " the crisis has made a kind of appearance. According to statistic: The whole nation is annual civilian look forward to has newborn 150 thousand, but the civilian look forward to that dies every year at the same time also amounts to many 100 thousand, the civilian look forward to of 60 % goes bankrupt inside 5 years, of 85 % in the die out inside 10 years, its mean life has 2 years only 9 0 months. Some closer year come to many is in on economic arena once the civilian battalion enterprise of north and south of great river of renown a confusion of voices did not pass a few years to be like giant star fall from the sky. "You are sung I come on stage, each are gotten coquettish 35 years " , more moment are to be gotten each coquettish 35 months. This plants civilian battalion enterprise " core of straw of baked wheaten cake, fast light fast extinguish " " short-lived " , where is a when why make presence common phenomenon? How does civilian battalion company try to seek to live on put, plan development? Manage with respect to company culture here -- the view that this compares effective soft management pattern to talk about an individual at present.

One, company culture is in civilian battalion the action in business management
Company culture is the soul of the enterprise and spiritual prop, it is a kind of strategical software resource, essence is company viewpoint of value. It is the precipitation of the collective value orientaton that company staff is working and forms in association process and code of conduct. If the member of an enterprise had collective viewpoint of value, the mind that means staff and action had unified possibility. The culture details of an enterprise is thicker, the latent capacity that its expand is larger. Complex of company culture and sports spirit, nation is similar, it is a fictitious carrier. In the process of enterprise socialization, company culture shows fundamental value more and more. Virtually of the value sense of the enterprise, morality sense is driving social progress.

1, the action of company culture
To the enterprise, want tarry talented person, best method, highest state uses good business culture namely this one mechanism. An outstanding company culture can have the effect of the following respects at least: It is the enthusiasm of stimulative person and dynamic role, have oriented effect to the method of the person that live and develops, target; Criterion of the 2 value orientaton that are healthy to according with an enterprise progress, morality and behavior means have ego adjustment and immune effect, pass the leverage of the drive of system culture and tie, diplomatic corps team is mixed individual justice is not had return Gu Dechao to wear be in harmony is met the direction of group goal and individual target and struggle; 3 it is company culture it is the safeguard that decide tangible value and transcends its value. The talent also is only below this banner, just be the ford of enterprise postscript hill of the place likely, charge forward, won't be in hard pinch when make army deserter.
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