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Motolora: Market strategy " see blade again "
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In the lamplight that twinkles ceaselessly and hurried drumbeat sound, general manager of division of China of ministry of facilities of vice-president of Motolora whole world, mobile terminal holds the post of Wei light to taking a RAZRV8 to jump arena, the honored guest that begins to come from and other places of chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Philippine, Vietnam to below the stage hundreds speaks with fervor and assurance the superior performance of this mobile phone that just appears on the market in Asia-Pacific market. A forehead that business suit change walks on had begun to perspire, of course, temperature also is as high as the Shanghai that this is midsummer in the evening centigrade 37 degrees of or so be caused by. But below the stage see guests believe, the predicament of Motolora at present, the Ren Weiguang that can continue to let the excitement on the stage cannot relaxed.

Motolora is successive already 3 quarters appear deficit, and the outside also predicts to be in whole 2007 money year the company also realizes gain hard. Motolora large building supports like the V3 before can RAZRV8 resemble 3 years bend? Motolora interior has done not have a person so look, contrary, the tactics that they begin to admit to relied on a mobile phone only in the past is wrong, "We had lagged behind " , this word Ren Weiguang is right " round-the-world entrepreneur " repeated many times, "Adding more product line now just is crucial. " in the plan in him, still have new low end next the product appears, and smartphone Q also can introduce Chinese market inside year. To the end of the year, the A1200 of new generation " bright " also can roll out -- Motolora plans to roll out this year 50 to 60 mobile phones, should fit Chinese market only among them, can take.

But after all, motolora needs heart-stirring thing. The issuance with timely V8 perhaps as it happens was gifted this meaning -- at the moment the error that Motolora admits the strategy already publicly, decide to undertake correction, carry out counterattack absolutely. In fact, motolora hopes to dress now, it is old rival Nuojiya's way -- do not send hope to be brought so that capture through a product market share, cover more customer however through more overall product line.

What Motolora must learn to accept is, be like this action arrange, can prove them only now most the practice of deal with concrete matters relating to work is strategy of the person that adopt the market to follow. And it plays a way formerly, be felt to appear by the competitor already. Around is rolled out in V8, nuojiya has had the type of two price likeness to defy to it, its N76 is mixed from the exterior on function especially as similar as V8.

Accordingly, the issuance of RAZRV8, motolora cannot decrease to revive on certain level the executive difficulty of the target. After all Motolora is already deep-set deficit mire, and about Zhan De of CEO Edward · (EdwardZander) the hearsay that leave one's post also grows in intensity, together with adversary people or has swung the distance with Motolora, or already try hard to catch up. About future, ren Weiguang also stated discretion is hopeful: "The conference is very difficult this year, next year can improve. Next year can improve..
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