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The quality with whole collective technological process manages
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Quality management is in an enterprise developing action is very major, it can raise the market competition ability of the enterprise and economic benefits. The enterprise should hold to quality the first, use advanced level, do well complete the quality management of a whole process, improve product, project and service quality in the round.

Quality is the use value of certain level, or it is the thing that be being used and gets satisfaction, expression satisfies the character that use requirement place has for the product. Quality character includes: Function, life, dependability and security, still should include to use Wu of kimono of the price that value photograph contacts, date of delivery to wait for an element with commodity, satisfy a society in order to produce quality quantity and amount to need, it is the social end that company production manages. If product measure satisfies need basically, people is met to increasing the desire of measure of this kind of product reduce, but the desire that improves product quality, will never stop or reduce, and can increase further. Be in our country, with quality benefit model replace quantitative beneficial result model the times has come, or else can regard quality problem as problem of sex of provisionality, accessary sex, technical, measure, and should regard it as of whole industry strategical problem, the problem of guiding principle sex of the enterprise. Should beg with quality live, seek progress with quality, for the technology progress wants forever quality of technology of be particular about, want quality of economy of long-term be particular about for economic benefits. Enterprise, especially illicit look forward to, want establishment " quality the first " , " the lifeline that quality is an enterprise " thought, put quality in prominent place, raise economic benefits to be become otherwise theoretic. Strengthen overall quality management, by systematic talking, cybernatic wait for newest theory and principle with information theory, build complete member attend, to the enterprise production manages whole process to undertake overall quality of management runs a system. The theory of several manage statistic that wide application manages about quality and method, make quality management system, build sound quality guarantee system, in order to make sure product quality lasts, stability rises, provide high grade product, project and service for the society. Do well complete the quality management of a whole process, it is to want character actually from go up at all change quality of our company product, property relatively weak features, lay advanced level of international level and country. Its purpose is to want cogent arouse faculty, master thought and method, pledge the product the volume rises the job to build go up in science, credible base.

Execute the quality management of whole process, run the design trial-produce process that fashions product quality, production process, auxiliary production process, use course rise, so that improve product quality in the round. Design and production come out high grade product, in because this overall quality management asks to kill unqualified product in it,fashioning a process, accomplish the union that defend be careful in one's conduct, give priority to in case, each link devotes oneself to Jing Congquan process of quality rise, establish thereby " next line working procedure are an user " , "Serve to issue working procedure hard " thought.
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