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Center the reason of financial management
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Rise ceaselessly as the requirement that right managing, a lot of groups enterprise already was not satisfied at be only in the data set of accountant period end to inquire, and the information inquiry when wanting to be realistic and processing, and ask the book that cross Zhang can come true on new technical platform, cross enterprise, multidimensional data statistic and analysis.

The high speed of Internet technology develops, solved the bottleneck that this asks to go up in the technology, provider of software of a few IT also puts forward the processing flow to the tradition to undertake editing, put forward to be united by group headquarters establish " one Zhang type " accountant Zhang book, unified make flow of attributive of accountant course, personnel, business wait, each subsidiary adds accountant course, personnel to wait inside the range that ranking company sets, be based on Internet to type data independently in different ground, the memory in electronic data set at group headquarters database, unite forms for reporting statistics of accountant of settle accounts, work out by group headquarters. This concentrates the mind of financial management namely.

Does dispersive financial management have 〖 what blemish? 〗

Disperse traditionally model flow of group company financial management is: Each subsidiary organize enterprise subordinate financial personnel, establish independent accountant Zhang book, undertake accountant business accounting, it is after settle accounts of accountant period end send to ranking unit written forms for reporting statistics. Top management layer is in the enterprise accountant period end passes amalgamative forms for reporting statistics, reach the management state of whole group. This kind " dispersive " 4 accountants of the tradition of basis of administrative technological process of type assume -- accounting main body, accountant in installment, the money is metric, manage continuously, it is a center in order to reflect the management information of individual accounting main body, through amalgamative forms for reporting statistics implementation manages the understanding of the circumstance to whole group.

Develop in economy today, "Dispersive " the administrative demand to group enterprise comes the financial management of type tell had existed a few not applicability, basically reflect in the following respects:

Master complete accountant information hard

In group administrative levels, "Dispersive " the principal part that type management puts in a forms for reporting statistics to incorporate only actually, do not put in the main body of accountant business accounting of character of a group, the financial information of group whole is 3 pieces of etc that make through incorporating only, do not put in the detail Zhang of whole group and total classification Zhang, it is besides these 3 pieces of forms for reporting statistics, more valuable to group company management information cannot get clearly however. Although group headquarters regards legal person as the enterprise, put in alone Zhang book, but just investing external go up to change to the net assets of subsidiary the record that has shallow. And group enterprise is in practical government, make for more accurate ground decision-making, need to know the whole of subsidiary manages a case not only, also need to know the management information with detailed subsidiary. Be like: Some beer company, there is manufacturer of 30 many beers in the whole nation, need the sales revenue of individual subsidiary whole not only, need the sale data of every subsidiary detail more, in order to form pair of of all kinds product requirement is fluctuant judgement on the market. And " dispersive " the financial management of type, manage information carrier as subsidiary with forms for reporting statistics, get with means of amalgamative forms for reporting statistics group whole manages a case, make useful information collects group headquarters very hard, reduced the integrality of financial information greatly, reduced the value of financial information.
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