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Group of professional sale person runs skill
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After professional sale person enters a new company, the biggest problem that facing is group management, and the management cause that the stand or fall of group management affects a business directly and profit, also affect the fame of individual of person of sale of take office estate and figure of course. The author is united in wedlock below from already practice talks about a few experience, hope and you colleague encourage.

One, blend in first transform a group again next

Each enterprise has his distinctive company culture, after handler joins a new group, it is condition of a premise to the self-identity of this company culture. After some husband come an enterprise, below the case that did not get sufficient authorization, be contrary to completely leave a company defend aim, ground of bold and resolute undertakes reform, the result is " dispatch troops not nimble body predecease " , here the enterprise became short-lived spirit. Should blend in should admit group culture above all, at the beginning of assuming office, should undertake be communicationed adequately with group member with communication, contact feeling, know news, feel show a case, find out a problem, seek improvement way. Transforming a group is the process of an advance gradually, ten million cannot be accomplished in one move, the stability that maintains a group and development are the issue that handler must consider.

2, the mission of specific group and wish scene

The mission that the enterprise has a company and wish scene, the group is not exceptional also. Be clear about and rouse those who change popular feeling to speak the goal that group future achieves, of the group after target of specific description comes true wish scene, this appears very important to a group. Each person has a dream, the group that you want to let you sees and go hard realizing that dream. Wish scene it is the acceptance that husband did not come to group member, handler should talk things over with company high level communicate can cash this is affirmatory. Remember 1999 first year I hold the post of general manager in company of a property when, commitment of Ceng Xiang employee everybody works hard after the target comes true wish scene, begin congratulate wish activity, organization travel, firewood proposes a toast reform is encountered wait for increase 10% etc wish scene, but because be communicated with group high level insufficient, as a result some acceptance did not cash, affected the enthusiasm of employee. This serve as handler is to should be brought think of commandment.

3, make target and plan together with the member

Every company is right of sale group make known to lower levels have a specific target, this target and enterprise total management target photograph is consistent. So when handler is making group member's specific target, must link market environment, before outstanding achievement expression and member are made jointly, form specific plan. Modest goal is helpful for having drive to the member. Modest goal is to point to commonly have certain difficulty but the goal that can achieve through effort. Because group member participated in the formulate of target and plan, he can cash acceptance comes true hard it.
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