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Advertisement fixed position and function locate
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"Fixed position " this word originate at first the United States. 1972, reese and Telaote are professional journal " advertisement times " compose the problem is " fixed position times " series article. 1981, they drew up jointly again famous " fixed position " one book. Evermore, "Fixed position " a statement that makes global business circles often be used gradually.

Nowadays, "Fixed position " this word there had been two kinds of meanings in Chinese business circles: One kind is advertisement fixed position, the original meaning that this is it (what Reese and Telaote say " fixed position " it is advertisement fixed position) ; Another kind is functional fixed position, the extend the meaning that this is it justice, it is the child of people established by usage. Although advertisement fixed position and functional fixed position are fixed position, but it is two kinds of different fixed position however. Where is the distinction that makes clear Chu An announces fixed position and functional fixed position, it is the main task that is placed before company theory worker. Here, try the distinction that locates with respect to two kinds to do a few preliminary analysises, hope can cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions.

Advertisement fixed position and the essence that the function locates are different. Advertisement locates " not be the thing that you should do to the product " , "It is the thing that you do to anticipating the client wants " , "Aim to ensure the product is in anticipate to a truly valuable position is held in client brains " , "Basic method is not innovation goes new, different thing, the thing that in changing people mind however, already existed " . (" fixed position " 002-006) . The function locates criterion rather. It is the thing that the enterprise should do to the product, it is certain company direction of management and target, perhaps saying is certain company product the position in prospective market, it is the thing that should do to policymaker and faculty, it is to want creation to give new product or new product structure.

Advertisement fixed position and the meaning that the function locates are different. Advertisement fixed position belongs to the category of market sale, the purpose is for " position is occupied in the mind that anticipates a client " (" fixed position " 029) , so that be in " media explodes " , " the product explodes " and " advertisement explodes " the times sells existing product smoothly go out. Functional fixed position belongs to the scope that the company expands, the purpose is to carry out it is somewhat, the management guiding principle that is not somewhat, it is for clear direction of management with management target, it is to change the current situation, it is for sturdy confidence, realize an enterprise thereby rapid and healthy progress.
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