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Process of shallow analyse sale manages
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One, the necessity that the result directs to the process management is changed
The author is in advisory company, often hear certain sale manager to say to the clerk: "No matter how you sell, want you to be able to sell only go out to go, what the company wants is sale. What the company wants is sale..

This is typical " the result is oriented " sale management, in current market sale environment, afore-mentioned ideas not only without reason, and already lost the market. If which sale manager is such requirement to the clerk, he cannot get the market finally for certain, also cannot get the sale that he hopes. This is a kind of model simply the result no matter the sale government idea of the process.

Contemporary sale idea thinks: Sale management is in again process, controlled a process to control an outcome. The result can arise by the process only, what kind of process produces what kind of result.

The most terrible phenomenon in contemporary sale management is " black box is operated " and " process management is opaque " , bring about process government out of control because of this, process government out of control is behaved finally necessarily for result out of control.

The enterprise is adopted " the result is oriented " or " the process is oriented " sale management, decided sale manages ultimate success or failure greatly. The author objects not completely relying on a result to have sale government, pass the analysis of pair of sale results, can discover likewise and adopt significant step to undertake controlling. But actually, "The result is oriented " control can rise only " mend the fold after a sheep is lost " the effect, because the result has lag sex, enterprise the sale status this year is good, the likelihood was last year the result that sale tries hard, and the sale this year may pass very long time ability to reflect hard come out. In contemporary company sale decision-making in, must undertake according to newest market information decision-making. If pure basis provides those who have time lag effect " sale result " have sale decision-making, have sale government, be no good apparently.

2, the process management to sale personnel
To the process management of sale personnel, the mainest demand is to be controlled " every sale personnel everyday every thing " . The business that develops the process management of sale personnel acme is sea Er group, they are called to sale personnel control " 3 E management " , supervise every sale staff namely (Everyone) each days (Everyday) each thing (Everything) . A company that the author consults also was used " 3 E management " , the sale administrator of headquarters amounts to 8, the total sale process that the task of administrator of these 4 sale is pair of sale personnel undertakes controlling. Everyday in the morning at 8 o'clock, the administrator of headquarters should call to undertake checking to most sale personnel, see them punctual arrive appoint a client (or workplace) begin sale work; Came at 5 o'clock towards evening everyday at 6 o'clock, sale personnel wants punctual contact with headquarters administrator, the report works that day, where to include, visit what client, discuss what issue, solved what problem, still put in what problem, need company is offerred why to plant help, the client's full name, address, phone, and the working plan tomorrow. Headquarters administrator records all information of the report those who be in a company " day detailed list " on. The news that company headquarters reports the ground, fixed or nonsked undertake selectiving examination, investigation reports the authenticity of information. Sale staff also should write everyday " day detailed list " (be equivalent to diary of be on sale) . Sale personnel answers a company to submit an expense account, when report one's work, administrator should contrast " day detailed list " the authenticity of bill of check and ratify, just give next submit an expense account.
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