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The setting of culture of Chinese and Western in project management is compared
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American famous magazine " fortune " forecast project manager to will become profession of first selection of 21 centuries youth. The position in the course that project management is building modern company system by increasingly aggrandizement, project management is being become meet intellectual economy era, in the need that the each country inside WTO frame competes. Chinese economy is blending in global market increasingly deeply, all sorts of world bank projects, inferior aid of classics of travel loan, international, joint-stock construction, foreign capital uses the project government that waits to need to use international pattern. The Ministry of finance gives a money at applying for brushstroke to world bank 1994, use technically at the education of project government person with ability. How to introduce, digest, training qualified personnel, course of the special question that research leaves in Chinese national condition, project management, progressively forming the project government that has Chinese distinguishing feature to teach a system is the task that at present urgent need solves. The article manages a problem to be with the project in residential construction quite, ponder over the culture setting with the different west in this one domain, the challenge that to adding the item after WTO management may face and answer some of beneficial exploration.

Very strict to the requirement of project manager in modern project management, the level of management of project manager will affect each aspects of the project directly. To project manager the requirement has an analysis to judge problem, logic to judge the change that should concern if really in western canal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, make correct and decision-making, choose optimal plan. Because each purpose is durative, do not have precedent in management but abide, need agile meet an emergency. In the concept of group of the aggrandizement in western culture setting, the manager should be good at analysing the mutual interest impact in the group to reach communication capacity. In Chinese tradition the to the project handlers in culture often contains the colour that administration appoints. Because project manager does not show itself from inside the group, so project supervisor more the equilibrium point that is good at seeking power, often reflect relatively moderately in facing sudden event, place change not Jing, with static apply the brake. On the understanding to project manager so culture of Chinese and Western has bigger difference. Project manager of China lacks individual character and originality, but be good at handling human relation, concern with the government sector good, and project manager is given priority to with technical qualified personnel, have stronger professional knowledge.

Modern project management asks to contact many people, do the thing that a person cannot do. To achieve the goal of the project, the project is organized and is lifetime like the project, experienced build, development and reconciliatory process. The project should be carried out by the person, need project group. A Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of modern project canal is so medium more emphasized particularly on project function, project manager has bigger independent character and limits of authority. In the project unit process of cargo bandling in Chinese tradition this on one hand do a familiar work with ease, establish special leader panel to be in charge of this project first commonly, the group leader that heads a group has the absolutely hegemony on administration, the member that heads a group originates each are relevant industry, in order to cooperates a purpose to be carried out smoothly. Because lead panel member body to hold several duty concurrently, often set to improve efficiency " the office " will be in charge of coordinating daily routine, office director is OK full-time also can hold two or more posts concurrently, but office member mostly full-time handles project work. Form from what the project runs team in light of, project management of China is more mature and old, of project management design ability beforehand strong, solve a problem easily. Managing in western project is a burgeoning industry, project management sets a person on business, handle affairs efficiency is tall, the orgnaization is concise, but processing coordinates ability difference, answer sudden incident to need to spend very big energy especially.
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