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Strengthen the quality management of project of research and development
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The concerned concept of quality management
The research of concerned quality and definition have a lot of, and it is to be centered on the quality to the product mostly. Du Bang is quality definition: "Creation, forecast the demand that reachs contented customer " , hu Po is quality definition " the serves contented client to need degree of the product. " quality included product cost, performance and its usability. ISO9000 is for the definition below quality place: Product or service can satisfy the gather of the character of regulation or potential demand and feature. Zhu Lan left an extensive definition to quality, that is " the applicability of the product " , zhu Lan comes from two respects the applicability of differentiate product: Product characteristic and without blemish. Product characteristic satisfies specific client need with respect to the attribute feature that is a product, the satisfaction that produces a customer thereby is spent. And the blemish of the product exists on the product namely cannot satisfy a client to need to cause a shopper thereby the product error of dissatisfactory mood.

R&D (research and development) the product that the project also has him, just the product is not visible certainly, corporeal. In the meantime, consider and develop but the achievement of consign also is different, because this wants apart definition.

Research is to show the organization acquires new science or technical information or the technology that produced to await development, its yield finally even if a relevant message that sends the latent capacity technology that give about leaving is mixed intellectual report. So the satisfaction that the quality of research can define the end item that is research or the knowledge that the service offers a customer and information to produce a customer finally is spent, and did not appear relevant error and blemish. The blemish that researchs a product originates on the process of research or final product. The flow give somebody a new lease on life of the error requirement process that appears in process of research and development or flat and deserted. The blemish of end item included to offer those who be late, imprecise information and knowledge, or cannot give research aid financially the information that just provides place to need to use. GE (Garfinkel, 1990) 4 characteristics that defined research quality: Technical quality: Satisfy the practice of research effectively; Influence: It is revolutionary innovation or innovation of advance gradually sex; Commercial dependency: Whether bring trade gain; Seasonable sex: Opposite target market enters the some day of the market.

Develop even if use the technical information that research reachs or knowledge the product or the client's requirement is satisfied thereby in the design of technological process, its yield is to be used commonly large-scale production product or technology standards book. Development process quality can consider as a product or the characteristic of craft satisfies the degree of client or specific organization, and can satisfy the goal that decides formerly (for example, in project cycle of the regulation, cost, craft ability, product reliability) . The clique stands (Perry) and on the west house (Westwood) the quality that also gives progress left similar definition: The quality standards of the product satisfies technical objective, achieve particular craft goal, and the demand of contented client. According to the Zhu Lan definition to quality, in developing the blemish of the process to appear in technological process process or flow is terminal, need flow transform. Lack the complete change that design requirement archives and causes original design for example, the product that because design,perhaps comes out makes charge exorbitant must consider readjust to devise an idea.
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