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4 build a company to finish area of Qingdao big oil refining to change electric
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4 build a company to be in bear in the construction of engineering of Qingdao big oil refining that build, company aggrandizement manages major of this company facilities, accomplish be apt to telling a person to use, reasonable arrangement, each its are in charge of, run quick, ground of each construction in an orderly way is advanced, in the meantime, answer the overall deploy of the project actively, firm establish overall situation the thought of a dish of chess, produce advantage of equipment major oneself adequately, hit out actively, assumed an area to change electric place (3) transformer hoisting task, finished installation job satisfactorily a few days ago.

Area of Qingdao big oil refining will change on July 1 electric place (3) two transformer that weigh 30 tons arrive. After heavy class receives hoisting job since equipment major, quick action rises, begin the preparation before hoisting works. Transformer belongs to accurate equipment, wiring box, the accessory such as wiring porcelain column, the tip has inadvertent, with respect to easy attaint, very tall to hoisting precision requirement. This professional corporation administrator takes the hoisting of transformer seriously very much, mix a technical backbone in heavy class for many times reconnaissance construction site, optimize work environment, consult distributinging state of the norms of transformer and accessory, think through Shen Mi, the decision uses equalizer bar to change the point of view getting power of hoisting rigging, kept away from ably the hoisting rigging attaint to transformer accessory. Be located in two distribution respectively as a result of two transformer indoor, cannot direct hoisting reachs the designated position, can use the catenary drawing, traditional method that rolls bar to carry only, move to appoint the position, the top rises use jack, evacuate rolls thick line, next the method of perch of fall after a rise, undertake installing. Construction difficulty and labor strength are very great, in personnel particularly tight situation falls, it is difficult to greet and go up. In the weather with rainy high temperature, unload, move, make the same score quietly perch till transformer safety, workers work is in full swing, rainwater and sweat photograph be in harmony are together, wisdom and force are promoting construction plan, professional project with with " short, smooth, fast " means, finished an area satisfactorily to change electric place (3) transformer installation, won time for next construction reference point.

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