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4 build a company to meet overhaul of Tianjin alkaline plant head-on
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The overhaul of Tianjin alkaline plant that plans by a definite date 5 days is demolished at beginning formally on July 15 to jockey, the workers of this company are carrying phlogistic intense, sultry weather on the head, overcome the ammoniac odour with many spot, 24 hours fight bravely uninterruptedly the overhaul, young commando banner is high and flying in device in the sky. Attend a war the worker regards this overhaul as establish good figure, enhance the chance that serves consciousness, determination hits one field weak point to make the same score battle of sharp assault fortified positions.

This overhaul divides an area, the construction job such as tower of condensation of tower of synthesis of segregator of ammonia of canister of 5 useless heat boiler of the heat exchanger before this company basically assumes the 2# tower that synthesizes ammonium workshop, 1# , ammonium, 2# , 2# , 2# , close, task weighs this overhaul time, the constituent job in the preparative work of early days and construction process is deciding the key of this second overhaul success or failure. Considering the problem of benefit, fulfil the requirement of this overhaul to assure owner 5 days, 4 establish company careful arrangement, it is difficult to greet and go up. Overhaul technical content in the light of this the characteristic with great difficulty of weak point of tall, time limit for a project, construction, this company undertakes elaborate preparation. Hold the overhaul to arouse meeting, enjoin project ministry does good pre-construction work, cut tool, personnel reachs the designated position, ensure overhaul construction is finished on schedule, overhaul project is relevant functionary, understand construction job to measure in the light of operation area region on one hand, on the other hand according to construction job, enact overhaul construction measure, decide safe construction scheduling. In the meantime, according to the spot special situation, undertake to the worker construction site is on guard lash-up measure safety is taught, to the problem that the spot appears, contact in time with Party A administrator, make the overhaul demolishs the job to be in can accuse state.

Attend a war employee is with excellent team action and huge job enthusiasm the investment of systemic heart arrives in construction more. According to " time is consecutive, the space is occupied full " principle, spot of this company organization changes shifts 24 hours construction. Manager of this company professional project is in the moment of truth, whole evening is defended construction is directed in the spot, night, although searchlight enlightened construction site, but also drew a mosquito, employee drips with sweat at the same time intensify construction, resist at the same time the mosquito's bite. Grab actively get on this " firm, difficult, danger " the overhaul works, get owner is exceeding and satisfactory.

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