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China of company of DURABLA of Ba Er of Canadian Du La always acts as agent
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Shanghai luck strides major of Electromechanical equipment limited company to offer a fluid to the user sealed the high-tech product with control domain, company component is the 3 products branch such as sealed product ministry, valve product ministry, the company devotes oneself to the promotion application of new product, new technology from beginning to end, the company is the total representative of many world-renowned transnational corporation and one class agent, the product applies extensively at the industrial domain such as oil, chemical industry, papermaking, mechanical, pharmacy, food, electric power.

The company basically acts as agent DURLON of Ba Er of Du La of world-renowned brand Canada, american Gore GORE-TEX, german KAUTASIT of all kinds industry is sealed product of class of material, a powerful person. The product includes: Be not asbestine spacer, 4 fluorine spacer, modified body of 4 fluorine spacer, Peng 4 fluorine spacer, fill 4 fluorine spacer, interface is sealed belt, 100%GFO dish, 4 fluorine dish, dish spacer of root, filling, high temperature, slimy shape filling; Class of a powerful person includes: Ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, electromagnetism a powerful person, brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, check valve.

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