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4 build a company to be grabbed actively on reaction furnace of Beijing spacefli
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By the 4 Beijing that build a company to contract to do a job spaceflight petrifaction reaction furnace designs a project, now in order to completed the prefab work of 8 steel structure. Closer, task joins this project time limit for a project heavy, and present weather is relatively torrid, on July 10, 2007 hand over a completed project. Be in " 7, one " during the birthday of the party comes, professional project held all worker to arouse meeting, comrade of appeal Party member is begun actively " I am contended for for party flag brightness, the birthday that congratulates a party with real operation " activity, unite everybody's thought, appeal everybody join forces of be of one mind, create a condition, ensure construction, lifted work energetically the climax that goes up quickly.

Stressing safety is the lifeline of the enterprise, safety is the consciousness of benefit, enhance safety administration strength, project of major of refine of one company overhead takes facility all the time " quality the first, safety is first " guiding principle will have construction government. Construction of their union spot is actual, made administrative provision, the member that install pluralistic safety in project and team and group. They insist to be held regularly grow the safe regular meeting that attend by administrator, monitor, hillock, combinative HSE content undertakes comment and appraise with respect to relevant and safe problem, take step in time to the hidden trouble of existence.

Quality is the foundation that the industry survives, do not have the market without quality. Ministry of project of major of refine of one company overhead knows very well equipment this construction should send past Thailand, closing good quality is the truth of a crucial factor, consider method, calm measure actively in construction. They are adopted on one hand with old tape new, wait for method to entering personnel newly to undertake mount guard grooms, ensure personnel of each type of work handles mastery of a skill or technique rise, established quality to analyse a group on one hand, undertake dogging checking to each hillock everyday, be opposite mainly the quality problem that appears everyday undertakes an analysis, tackle key problem, put forward to improve opinion and rectify and reform measure, make project quality had very good assurance thereby.

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