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4 build equipment of plant of polyformaldehyde of company Shanghai blue star to
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By 4 build a company bear the Shanghai La Xing that build project of 40 thousand tons of polyformaldehyde is owner to make world polyformaldehyde base, establish Chinese polyformaldehyde key laboratory, implementation nation is modern enterprise the major project of hundred years dream. The construction total time limit for a project of device is 6 months, early days achieves what equipment installs a condition to come for 01 areas 03 areas, add up to use device 172. Spot execution condition is poor, road is muddy, earth builds unfinished of break ground construction, finishing equipment foundation is short of owe much, the project of major of 4 construction equipment that undertakes this project, to finish the job safe, high speed, high gradely, undertake reconnaissance for many times to the spot, the basis has resource and spot to be able to use resource, install a method to moved the characteristic of equipment to make 01 areas use device to 03 areas, arrive with equipment already begin consideration, search at the beginning of perch of be out of luck essence of form a vesicle searchs to signing up for check to fill up iron electric welding 2 times hour of <8 of form a vesicle, such calculating come the significant basic cycle time of every working procedure is 1 hour, controller of dot of each type of work in the process, each hillock, departmental to whole installation door has norm to ask, make complex job is versed in type is changed, simplification. Here the guidance of industry pattern and tie fall, elaborate scheme, severe fine division of labor, cent moves this project worker enthusiasm, collectivity attends a war worker, fill interest to be used toward one place, the heart thinks toward one place, overcome all difficulty, think all way, be in a few days 20 short time, installation uses device more than 120, percent of pass signing up for check 100% , be reached inspect manage unit by owner reputably. The pipeline construction that is later period laid solid foundation.

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