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4 build company sand spy structure of prefab plant factory building installs Ha
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4 build a company bear the Ha Weiya project that build on June 16 in the morning 8: 30 minutes, equipment major begins to install the pillar that runs prefab plant, pulled open Ha Weiya project from this what each workshop installs prefab plant formally is prelusive. This are prefab the factory includes size in all 11 workshop, among them conduit is prefab workshop structure 128.4 tons (do not include course of overhead traveling crane, overhead traveling crane) , colour armor plate 3871 meters 2, appearance 72 meters (long) *22 rice (wide) *11 rice (tall) , it is the oldest factory building. Construction of workshop pillar foundation, backfill will end basically on June 12, achieve meet installed requirement, the conserve that equipment major arranges person specially assigned for a task in time to make what pillar installs do not have contractive cement a block of stone or wood to be passed 2 days. End in preparation below the case that has installation requirement, the hoisting of pillar uses truck crane of Lu Fu of 65 tons of case, use 35 tons of Gelufu at the same time 25 tons of truck crane, board cars cooperate to expect. Installation around just meets a few days fresh gale weather, installing the spot often is sand and dust is all over the sky, weather is torridder also, upper temperature is as high as many degrees 50, equipment major abides by the normative requirement of owner strictly, overcome the effect of high temperature, the period of time of the 32Km/h that captures wind speed to be less than owner A beauty to ask arranges hoisting, arrange person specially assigned for a task to undertake pillar searchs instantly subsequently next construction, to June 17 afternoon at 4 o'clock, do not use the time of half only (stop hoisting greatly as a result of wind on June 16 afternoon among them) install 30 all pillar, search to ending, have sex undertake erect construction, for next construction of level ground of structural installation, ground created advantage.

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