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4 build Qingdao project with falling activity of bad news synergism is carrier,
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4 build a company to be in since entering project of Qingdao big oil refining, from large part have sth in mind, small part begins, enact measure, everywhere careful calculation and strict budgeting, carried out executive engineering company to make seriously < limitation gets makings government idea > , execute in whole project " limitation gets makings card and data division to exceed award to punish a standard " system, built managing glory, waste disgraceful good atmosphere.

This project is made from administrator, bag dot undertakes propagandist arousing to each construction team and group, begin solidly " fall bad news synergism " activity. Riveting team and group is in construction, advocate the makings below material, execute " cover capable person " method, next makings are meticulous in a subtle way, through mathematical calculation, check repeatedly after affirming, just have cut, do one's best puts an end to wrong and contractible error to arrive the limit. In " 3 gas " use on, belt of gas of the examination when adventitious has leakage to nod, accomplish seasonable rehabilitate; Electric welding class is given priority to with report with managing construction, and implement the measure that welding rod head reclaims to extend to be coordinated with welding electrode, dominate welding rod prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Undertake to the machines and tools such as useless old welder, grinder parts optimizes combination, repair is used, reduce cost. No matter be big hoisting,the class is being weighed since still is daily those who cooperate class of stage of machinery of clever arrangement crane is reasonable use, raise stage class utilization rate adequately. Undertake maintaining to the tool regularly with maintenance, reduce construction cost.

"Many a little makes a mickle, many a little makes a mickle " , as " fall bad news synergism " mobile development is begun, managing dry project already root in the heart at every employee, make from oneself, make from the a bit, charge is able to reduce apparently, raised economic benefits.

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