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Vacuum equipment specialists - product information vacuum pump factory in Nanji
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Vacuum Pump Factory Co., Ltd. Nanjing Vacuum Industry Association executive director of the China unit. Forty years, the company has developed into a well-known application of vacuum and vacuum equipment manufacturers, design and production levels always To maintain a leading position, strong economic strength and wealth of management experience, products widely used in chemical, machinery, coating, electronics, food, medicine, ceramics, forestry, bio-genetics, animal husbandry and aquaculture, the environment Science and other fields. Recommended Products: 2BV-5110 liquid ring vacuum pump 2BV-series water ring vacuum pump is a new generation of energy-efficient water pump that will replace SK - series. 2x series of rotary vane vacuum pumps are used to seal the container to obtain the vacuum pumping gas and basic equipment. It is widely used in vacuum metallurgy, vacuum drying, chemical, pharmaceutical, light and electric vacuum industrial and other areas, it can be As the main pump alone, but also as Roots pumps, diffusion pumps, molecular pumps and other vacuum pump before. 2XT-300 type rotary vane vacuum pumps are used to obtain the vacuum sealed container out of the basic equipment of gas. The pump side of the partial matching set of drop tanks and professional anti-modulation of vacuum pump oil emulsion is applied to the pump is more suitable for extraction with a small amount of water vapor in the small vacuum freeze-drying units, vacuum applications such as lithium bromide refrigeration unit leader Domain. Professional design of the pump silencer prepared to reduce the work of vacuum pump noise, the noise value from nearly 70dB (A) down to 60db (A), precision instruments for supporting the physical and chemical analysis laboratories.