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Focus on cutting-edge glass vacuum glass saving time
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Extraordinary thermal insulation properties, superior noise performance, without condensation, high transmittance, high wind resistance ... ... excellent performance makes this series beyond the hollow glass vacuum glass, coated glass and other energy-saving glass, a saving cutting-edge glass family times. With the most energy-efficient insulating glass compared to the same conditions in the room if the use of vacuum glazing, insulating glass than with saving 16 to 18% of the air conditioning and power; in noise performance, the average vacuum glass can reduce noise 30 dB or more, while the insulating glass is 28 dB; vacuum window transmission effects are far superior insulating glass, and there is no internal condensation; the same time, vacuum glass, insulating glass wind pressure capacity is 1.5 times. This outstanding performance, the vacuum glass can be widely applicable to the construction, automotive and solar industries, with broad market prospects. Since the production of glass vacuum glass and require a combination of material science, vacuum technology, physical measurement, industrial automation and building science and other disciplines and a variety of techniques, glass deep processing industry, leading-edge products, so the glass also has a very high vacuum value-added products. It is foreseeable that the era of vacuum energy-saving glass, the glass will become the new direction of industrial development.