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Film vacuum equipment workshop was held in Zhenjiang Jiangsu
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Recently, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, Zhenjiang, China held its 2008 symposium film vacuum equipment, from the mainland and Taiwan of China experts, academics and the business executives attended the meeting and around the development of thin film solar cell industry extensive discussions exchange. At the seminar, from Taiwan, China, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places of business executives and experts and scholars on the thin-film solar cells and vacuum equipment for industrial development was extensively discussed. Silicon thin film solar cell is a new product, with the current common silicon solar cells, silicon thin film silicon solar cells was only about 1% of the former can make the cost per watt of solar cells down to 1.2 from $ 2.5 dollars. At the same time, this high-tech products and building roof, wall materials, integration, both the grid, but also for building solar power facilities and saving building materials, landscaping. Zhenjiang City, the development of photovoltaic industry beginning to take shape, photovoltaic and related companies have more than 20, a relatively complete industrial chain, sales this year expected to exceed 8.0 billion. Thin film solar cell and production equipment meets the city's high-tech industry development, has been included in Zhenjiang City, "many billions of engineering" and 5 major science and technology to focus on support.