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Lanzhou, the impact of vacuum vacuum equipment is absolutely cutting-edge tech
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Recently, Lanzhou Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. under the China Manned Space Engineering Office of recognition, because of its training for the Shenzhou VII astronauts to provide a ground test tank. In fact, Lanzhou vacuum has been repeatedly affected by this award, because from the prototype in 1999 Shenzhou Shenzhou VII this year, product God astronauts extravehicular activities, Lanzhou, the vacuum has been for 7 times for China's manned space project to provide astronaut training large-scale ground test vacuum chamber and other test equipment. To the value in terms of scale, Lanzhou vacuum can only be regarded as an SME, a product specific business, the annual output value of only 1 billion. However, if placed on the national market, vacuum equipment, vacuum Lanzhou is "doing the boss has for a long time." Because the national vacuum equipment market capacity is only hovering around 10 billion, and Lanzhou, a vacuum of 10% to exclusive market share. Lanzhou is the only one set of vacuum vacuum, temperature, pressure vessels 3 class technology in one of professional manufacturers, and vacuum equipment market is characterized by variety, small batch, large single product design task, basically every order to need a new technological innovation, the characteristics of the decision of the Lanzhou vacuum had to concentrate on financial and technical innovation and scientific and technological achievements into the. The size of the big companies and small have little charm. Lanzhou, the charm lies in its own vacuum take the initiative to market position in the narrow field of vacuum equipment, product positioning in the Seiko professional, technical orientation and be unique in the absolute leader, marketing, located in the non-price competition and technological advantage to capture the market, Therefore, general market and product to the vacuum with nothing to do in Lanzhou. With a vacuum in the words of Lanzhou, the market is large, but the market is part of our field of vacuum equipment, and we have to do is not to belong to our markets are a "violation"; To do this, in addition to continuous technological innovation, vacuum equipment has been at the highest point in the field of technology, we have no choice. Lanzhou vacuum to do this. Lanzhou annual output value of the vacuum of research and development investments accounted for 10% of power, and this in the same industry or individual enterprises is not a small research investment, the annual rate of new product output value accounted for more than 40%. Of course, within the enterprise, the highest wages, benefits and welfare, are engaged in scientific research and technical staff. "Steam flow pump" is a sign of Lanzhou vacuum products, the state implemented three "steam flow pump" national standard version drafted by the Lanzhou vacuum, because vacuum, pumping speed, low anti-oil ratio, and several technical indicators have mastered the core technology of vacuum in the hands of Lanzhou, Lanzhou, and thus the production of such a vacuum the national market a single product accounted for more than 50%. Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Tangshan titanium liquid companies and several enterprises of the factory equipment, vacuum equipment must be used specified in Lanzhou vacuum, reason is very simple, Lanzhou vacuum pump technology leader in steam flow. Expected value of this product in 2000 million. Lanzhou Vacuum newly developed "large complex surface parts magnetron sputtering machine", this year has been delivered to the field of defense and aviation use. The successful development of this device, the highlight is to break the foreign monopoly, so that the key to our defense and aviation equipment, a new breakthrough. The product last year, the Chinese Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress award, identification of the Committee agreed that the products reach the international advanced level. The country now have the second-generation ID cards in use, the new ID card is the key technology of the security coating, and take this task out of the vacuum coating machine vacuum in Lanzhou ... ... In fact, the narrow market is not narrow, specific products, but in fact it has a big market. Lanzhou Vacuum Group, does not seek fame on the call, only the capital, technology focus areas in the vacuum equipment technology innovation, but only to the absolute in the same industry leading technology. In recent years, Lanzhou vacuum value of 25% annual rate of increase, the output value of the first 10 months of this year reached 7300 million yuan, a strong impact on national vacuum equipment market.