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The domestic and international trends of vacuum freeze-dry technology
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Vacuum freeze-dry technology is in science of industry of biology project, medicine, food industry, material and farming the domain such as by-product deep treatment is having wide application. Accordingly, take this technology seriously domestic and internationally quite. Concern academic conference domestic and internationally to be able to experience this only. Home learns committee of chemical project major by Chinese chemical industry, biennially holds communication of science of national dry technology to meet, the implied meaning that there is many freeze-dry technology on the meeting is published; Chinese Institute of Refrigeration the 6th professional committee, hold discussion of learning of national vacuum freeze-dry 4 every years, the article that publishs on the meeting is freeze-dry respect entirely; The concerned conference of the respect such as society of agriculture machinery of Chinese vacuum society, food society, medicine, biology, the implied meaning that has freeze-dry side is published.

International is dry society, biennially holds academic communication to meet, IDS ' on 98 international conference, the United States Misuli Luola university, professor A.Liapis, obtained " crackajack freeze-dry award " , reason of bear the palm is in vacuum freeze-dry basic research the respect made outstanding contribution; Dry conference had international 2000 30 many countries and place attend, publish a paper 301, set 5 award in all, among them the 3rd is " freeze-dry highlights contributive award " ; The 13rd international is dry 2002 academic seminar is held in Chinese Beijing, paper market in all 3, the article of freeze-dry respect is collected coil in A in, 8 congress special subject discusses the mentions northeast university twice to maintain active respect to make in freeze-dry canthus film result in telling, japanese scholar puts forward actively to communicate visiting lab each other.

1.The research of base of technology of domestic and international freeze-dry is dynamic

The doctoral students of northeast university built stock to go up to conduct heat refrigerantly in shelf early or late model and cornea are in drop in temperature the model conducts heat refrigerantly inside appearance. Sandall and King put forward to conduct heat mediumly in lyophilization process send qualitative model, abbreviation URIF model (The Uniformly Retreating Ice Model) , on this foundation, the Liapis and Lifchfield desorption that offerred vacuum freeze-dry course, sublimate model. The heat task of current research is the biology cell heat in freeze-dry process is delivered character, of accept rice dimension conduct heat pass simple theory.

2.The research of equipment of domestic and international freeze-dry is dynamic

Domestic freeze-dry equipment had realized modernization. Homebred medicine had realized a function with freeze-dry equipment all ready, the job is reliable, performance is steady, control is advanced, carry out in the round implemented GMP standard, each technology index can satisfy biological product and the need that freeze-dry of medicines and chemical reagents produces. Main function has the hydraulic pressure inside box to increase a place of strategic importance; Online clean (CIP) ; Vapour disinfects sterilization (SIP) ; The control of main craft parameter in freeze-dry process. Food had come true with freeze-dry equipment large change, at present area of the largest freeze-dry equipment freeze-dry can amount to 200m2. Channel type equipment of half successive freeze-dry also has come out, moving position is good. Food freeze-dry machine can use labour to accuse machine automata, assured the quality of the product.
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