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About dryer trade current situation, development the proposal is reached look in
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The groovy dryer that at present home market needs, and the main dryer that the international market needs, our country is basic can oneself are made, this makes clear, our country dryer has ended with importing the history that give priority to. But still put in a few problems and secret worry.

Put the issue that be in

According to China guild of general and mechanical dryer is forecasted, henceforth a few years, demand of dryer of industry of our country chemical industry will achieve 3000 (set) the left and right sides; Pharmacy uses dryer year demand will achieve 3000 (set) the left and right sides; Aricultural, commissariat, light industrial wait for an industry to use stoving device year demand predicts to will achieve 5000 (set) the left and right sides.

Current, our country dryer is had in home market rate already amounted to 80 % above. During 15 " of predicting " , homebred dryer has rate general to amount to 90 % above in home market. At present existent problem highlights expression to be area concentration and technical innovation capability are not strong two respects.

The company is distributed concentration

The manufacturing company majority of industry of our country dryer is in course of study of one's own profession on the foundation of inchoate enterprise gradually derive comes out, situation is centered relatively, personnel structure is put in serious flaw. So far, the proprietor of an enterprise should distributing in river, short for Zhejiang Province, Shanghai, distant, black, 50% what the enterprise of these a few areas holds entire industry sum total almost, and what form bright contrast with this is, at present our country still has partial area to produce a business without dryer. The competition inside the industry is intense, a few enterprises are paid attention to at the moment interest, devoid system develops train of thought, integral quality rises slow, severely block up the normal evolution of the industry. Technical development capability is not strong after reforming and opening, especially the last few years, the potential that our country economy grows got be releasinged effectively, the supply demand relations that shortage economy forms produced fundamental change, buyer's market is initial form. Below the pressure of buyer's market, a few enterprises are chasing the market and not be to search and develop the market, the energy of the enterprise is centrally on the product with more, mature already demand of near future market. Because this is on the product such as oven, oscillatory fluid-bed, spray dryer, manufacturer home relatively concentration, competition is unusually intense. The company that dryer development pursues in the industry is less, of new product perfect and of new product roll out basically rely on to be imitated each other.

Develop a proposal

Use an advanced technique, the appearance of course of study of person of the same trade that promotes dryer of product quality our country technology and world developed country is existing than returning certain difference. At present product of medium, low technology takes the market dominant position. After our country joins WTO, will more international person of the same trades enter home market, as the ceaseless aggravate that international competes, we will face enormous competitive pressure. World-renowned dryer manufacturer, of the Ni Lu group that is like Denmark, Japan big plain former company limited already established a branch in our country in succession, loot China market.
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