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The tendency that vacuum-packed machine market grows international
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Vacuum-packed technology traceable 20 centuries 40 time. From 1950 plastic film of polyester, polyethylene applies successfully at since commodity is packed, vacuum-packed machine gets rapid development, trend of its technology development basically is reflected in tall productivity, automation, stand-alone product line of muti_function, composition, use relevant new technology these 5 respects.
Tall productivity. The productivity of vacuum-packed machine already from minutely number development goes to 10 several, heat shapes - fill up - the productivity of sealing machine can amount to 500 / minute above.
Automation. The TYP that is like company limited of Japanese Dong Yang automatic machine - B2 series rotates packer of vacuum room type, it is the multitask with quite high rate of a kind of automation packer. This machine has fill up and vacuumize two revolving stage, fill up revolving stage has 6 industry, finish for bag, cast makings, note fluid beforehand heal, till turn package to vacuumize revolving stage. Vacuumize revolving stage has 12 industry, namely 12 vacuum room, the vacuumize that finish and heal, till finished product is outputted, productivity can amount to 40 bags of / minute, basically use at packing soft can.
Stand-alone is muti_function. Come true on stand-alone muti_function, can enlarge scope of application conveniently. Implementation stand-alone is muti_function must use modular design, pass the commutation of functional module and combination, make the vacuum-packed machine of the different type that applies to the different material that pack, article that pack, requirement that pack. The multitask that the HESSER plant that representative product has place of German BOSCH company to belong to produces make bag of vacuum-packed machine, its are made bag, say to weigh, fill up, a variety of functions such as vacuumize, heal can be on a stand-alone finish.
Form product line. When the function of need is increasing, centralize all functions on a stand-alone to be able to make a structure very complex, operation maintenance is no-go also, can assemble a few kinds of machines that photograph of different, efficiency matchs the function at this moment the product line with can more complete success. The dry goods that the Xian Yuzhen that if French CRACECRYOYA is mixed,ISTM company develops packs product line, Sweden to cultivate academy of grand international limited company and Swedish spin to develop for nothing is vacuum-packed the system.
Use relevant new technology. Use gas packaging to replace in great quantities on the method that pack vacuum-packed, will aerate the research of the composition, material that pack and face of tripartite of gas packaging machine is united in wedlock cheek by jowl rise; On control technology, use computer technology and microelectronics technology morely; In heal respect application heats up art of vocal mimicry of canal and Leng Feng, also can install advanced device directly go up in vacuum-packed machine, like mount computer pilot high accuracy of thick bead stock sets a level; Rotating or on vacuum-packed machine, apply machinery of graduation of cam of face of advanced high-speed circular arc to wait.
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