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Current situation of oil equipment manufacturing industry and countermeasure
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"15 " since, oil equipment manufacturing industry is taking national economy rapid development and equipment manufacturing industry in the ascendant east wind, entered continuously, the benign orbit of rapid development. Industrial dimensions expands quickly, income year add 20% above, product integral performance promotes quickly, high-tech product tackles key problem achieve major breakthrough, development succeeded drive of borer of 9000 meters of extradeep well, top, large requirements is platform of steel tube of Gao Gang class, fast logging, medium the new product such as turbine of flue gas of high-power internal-combustion engine, high-power.

The personage inside the trade that oil equipment makes " 15 " since call oil equipment manufacturing industry " spring " . "Spring " how long can you last? "915 " how can oil equipment manufacturing industry develop?

Current situation of oil equipment manufacturing industry

Measure of our country production industry is much, scope is little, lack is spent centrally. According to concerning not complete count of the branch, at present our country oil is gotten pick company of above of limitation of special equipment industry (year the industry that sales revenue reachs above in 5 million yuan) more than 300, and the amount still is increasing ceaselessly. This one word is afraid the oil of otherer than the world country gets the sum that picks equipment company even much. Industry measure much certainly will brings about resource to disperse, capital disperses and of technical force dispersive, thereby everybody cannot go up dimensions.

The market is limited, not enough to satify everyone, cause the competition that do not have foreword. Be in short supply in view of domestic oil natural resources, domestic oil drills equipment market very finite already. On limited market, hundreds of production companies will divide a thick soup, hard to avoid appears a variety of non-standard competition behavior. Because crude oil rises in price,perhaps drove the development of industry of domestic advanced position in last few years, this one problem is shown not adequately still. But exporting a respect, as a result of domestic manufacturer eagerly demand a low price, the loss of enterprise and national incur is clearly.

Product structure is similar, devoid characteristic. Relative to at petro-chemical equipment character, oil getting adopts equipment breed measure less, a few a hunderd schools are engaged in his making, product structure hard to avoid is duplicate. It is reported, the manufacturing company of the steel tube that at present our country uses at oil natural gas to work has ten, plant of more massive steel tube of oil of chicken having treasure. Borer produces a business, machinery plant of more massive oil of chicken having treasure, wide Han Honghua. The company that takes tool of oily equipment, mtl pithead as to production is blossom everywhere more. Although everybody is in,make same product, very few however somebody can obtain major breakthrough on the technology.
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