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Industry viewpoint: Our country packs equipment to develop way
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, machinery of treatment of the goods that pack and container treatment are mechanical

1, multilayer equipment of box of corrugated fibreboard of wide cut high strenth, paper. Raise production of the successive corrugated fibreboard that finish, model to cut, impress, presswork, the automation of the product line that make case, intelligence changes control standard. The key develops whole set of equipment, facilities of the wide cut that expands 2000mm above, 5 production of corrugated fibreboard of layer, layer and 7 layer, 9 high strenth and impress, model is cut, make case, presswork (include color print) whole set of equipment, and moistureproof, presswork, make the muti_function equipment such as box.

2, pulp moulding forming machine fetterses. Add variety of product of pulp moulding machinery, get used to production different ply norms and the pulp moulding of the action that pack package a product.

3, metal can container machines equipment. Steel pledges personal computer of 3 canister product line centers control and frequency conversion technology. Steeliness 2 canister shape the development of equipment. Develop canister of welder of the high speed that do not have mercury, compound canister, irregular can, sparge to wait for all sorts of whole set of equipment that make jar and form a complete set shrink the equipment such as neck, gland and lettering.

4, facilities of treatment of plastic and hollow container and mould design make a technology. Development is efficient and energy-saving crowded reach system of mural thick control odd, development PET bottle makes bottle system.

5, vitreous bottle makes bottle machine. Develop group and control of 10 personal computer of 12 groups of double drop to shape equipment, development light weight container manufactures a technology.

2, directly package machine

1, whole set of equipment of beer, beverage. Develop 50 thousand tons of / appropriately year of above medium or small equipment of furnish of canister of beer, beverage, develop 100 thousand tons of / appropriately year canister of the large beer of above, beverage installs whole set of equipment, should get used to beverage industry " concentration produces dispersive canister to install " development direction, development site allocates a technology to equip (include case, strip box, antiseptic, stick mark, Yuan Weiqing to wash etc) , detect metric and development high rate, small loss, accurately, automatically etc muti_function, full automatic large turn equipment. Make the fill outfit, gland, production efficiency that sticks label harmonious and consistent, raise the integral technology level that fill of beer, beverage holds.

2, the equipment of vacuum, take a breath that pack and device. Key development is comfortable at bag capacity bigger (1 ~ 10kg) continuous vacuum-packed equipment, fill a variety of gas the efficient take a breath inside bag to package facility in proportion, and with muti_function device of the vacuum of package machine form a complete set, take a breath.
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