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Hidden trouble of current situation of industry of Chinese solar energy and coun
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The sources of energy develops to global economy and social progress is having decisive effect. The whirlwind of price of fossil the sources of energy such as oil, coal, natural gas rises the climate disaster that reachs global climate changes to bring about, force people to search but second birth the sources of energy. As a result of technical progress, of solar energy industry commercialize foreground to value, did not come 10 years even inside 50 years, year of growth rate of solar energy industry be as high as 30-40% .

Solar energy industry is one includes the tremendous property of smooth heat, Guang Fuguang report. American scientist pulls what its publish Weisibuladefude especially " sun revolution " the prophecy in one book, solar energy will be in future becomes effect inside 20 years of cheap of lowest of optimal, price replace the sources of energy, the price will fall inside 10 years half, drop after 20 years 75% .

2007 is Chinese solar energy a year when industry of smooth hot season grows quickly. The long-term interest of industry of solar energy of benefit from benefit from is good, industry of whole light bend over appeared to invest upsurge unprecedentedly. Up to last year in July, already overseas of enterprise of 10 China smooth hot season appears on the market, financing of IPO of average sheet pen 197.7 million dollar. 2008, solar energy industry enters gold period. And in technical progress respect, technology of afterwards polycrystalline silicon is swift and violent after development, recently, the day of Changzhou of enterprise of smooth hot season with banner whole world adds up to light energy to announce, with aviation of French Li Sha (LisaAirplanes, similarly hereinafter) reach cooperative agreement, develop aircraft of motivation of a kind of new energy resources jointly, this plane will be the whole world first innovation that can regard motivation as origin with solar energy and hydrogen plane.

The current situation of industry of bend over of Chinese solar energy light

Industry of smooth hot season is one of energy industries with the rapiddest development on the world, in each country government give aid to below, industry of Guang Fufa cable from 20 centuries got developing quickly since 80 time. 10 time bend over generates electricity recently year of average increase rate of the industry for 30% , year of average increase rate of nearly 5 years for 40% .

Development of estate of our country smooth hot season experienced the following level:

The first phase (in 1958-80 time) : Rudiment phase. Our country began to study batteries of smooth hot season 1958, meantime researcher undertook study an experiment scientificly in great quantities, gave arduous sweat.

1971, the east that batteries of smooth hot season applies successfully at our country to blast off first is red on 2 satellites, began our country solar cell to be in from now on applied history of the space. Same year, solar cell applies on harbour floating light first, began the history that ground of our country solar cell uses. The industry of smooth hot season of our country still is in rudiment before in 80 time, year of crop of solar cell wander in 10KW all the time the following, the price is very high also.
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