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Equipment of foreign heat treatment reachs current situation of heat treatment t
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1. Current situation of heat treatment technology

(1) promotion applies high-pressured air cooling to quench

Heat treatment manufacturer of abroad takes the refrigeration in heat treatment process seriously very much. According to the technology of the product and craft requirement, can undertake refrigeration of oil of slow refrigeration of fast refrigeration, oily temper by dipping in water, one-time gas wait. Refrigeration of fast atmosphere loop is used to gas of high pressure of cooling chamber eject, control the change of velocity of flow and discharge by the computer, it is in order to achieve inside specific time cooling rate, realize the cooling curve that asks in heat treatment process thereby, ensure the heat treatment quality of the spare parts. The system of internal heat of temper by dipping in water that refrigeration of gas oil means uses previously has gas of nitrogen, helium to wait, use air now intense eject, make workpiece cooling below splitting speed, the oxidation lubricious film with the only and paper-thin surface after quenching, show hoar, spare parts colour still beautiful, and managing and much nitrogen and inert gase, make heat treatment cost drops further.

Cementite of vacuum low pressure and union of photograph of temper by dipping in water of tall calm sb's anger are current a kind of advanced cementite quenchs craft, it has cementite rate organization of fast, carbide is good, quench craze is mixed be out of shape quality of surface of spare parts of small, managing the sources of energy and cementite agent raw material, cementite is good, be helpful for the characteristic such as environmental protection.

(Hydrogenous probe is used on 2) nitriding furnace

Ipsen company of Germany already applied hydrogenous probe and corresponding technology to measure accuse the azotic force inside nitriding furnace, with undertaking adjust and be controllinged to the furnace atmosphere of nitriding, realize the modernization of nitriding furnace.

(Equipment of 3) heat treatment uses oil cold

All refrigeration of fan refrigeration, heat exchanger refrigeration, quenching oil chamfer plant that require refrigeration, use oil seal formula entirely from cold, replace water-cooling circulatory system in the round, whole heat treatment furnace need not any cooling water. For example, sirocco loop fan is cooling: Will former water-cooling covers conduit of pass in and out to convert vitta is derivative, be close to fan place to put a diameter to be the small gasoline tank of 102mm, whole sealing of oily cooling system, when fan bearing has quantity of heat to increase, the oily proportion that is heated is small, rise naturally to rise, cause oily natural loop. In small gasoline tank the quantity that keep oil and nature come loose below hot circumstance, hot oil is joined to circulate again by refrigeration hind, achieve in not bad news oil does not need dynamic condition to fall to replace water-cooling completely again. Quench the water in heat exchanger of type of oil groove board changes cooling oil, the heat that cooling oil is heated up oil is exchanged and be warmed up, the change of oily proportion causes the oneself loop of cooling oil, the gasoline tank in roof is adscititious go up carbon fin, coordinate the action of fan, achieve the result with complete cold oil, managing and many cooling water.
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