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The research and development of " of package machine of 5 big provision is badly
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In last few years, the development rate that the food of our country packs course of study is very rapid, the expert is forecasted, the following the pace of domain of 5 old package machine is more can accelerate greatly:

(one) make bag, fill up, heal package machine: Current, this kind of domestic mechanical production company has 100 many, produce per year a quantity 1500, 2000, type is listed with sheet, 3 edges envelope give priority to, fill up equipment classification is 2g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 50g, 100g, 100g, 500g of ~ of 250g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, 1000g, 2000g a variety of.

Make bag, fill up, the development trend of heal package machine is machinery of module type construction, much line, high speed, tall stability, drive simple, get used to closed-loop control oneself.

(2) corrugated fibreboard (box) manufacturing facilities: Come nearly 10 years, development of industry of machinery of Chinese corrugated box is very rapid, line of the products develops to presswork from corrugated fibreboard line the many breed series such as the machine of agglutination of groover, chipboard, machine that cut corner.

The development direction henceforth is whole set of equipment of wide cut high speed; 2 it is to be in in box of light-duty corrugated fibreboard whole set of equipment, use deepness and range in what extend computer technology again, improve performance, raise dependability.

(3) metal packaging container machines equipment: Our country metal packaging container machines mechanical manufacturing manufacturing industry to already took shape, can produce circle canister resistance welding to make solder of coal tub product line, different can body receive product line, Yilagaisheng to produce product line of product line of tub of line, steel, cap to wait.

Current, the resistor welder that home produces is medium of low speed, the development trend of this kind of product is to improve product performance, raise n and overall material utilization factor; 2 it is to quicken product technology, development solders without mercury and high-powered high frequency solder power source.

(4) pulp moulding machines equipment: The scale of production with current facilities of treatment of tableware of our country paper is minorrer, machine equipment price on the high side. Machinery of treatment of pulp model tableware will be being reduced henceforth shape heat mould cost, improve heat means, reduce power consumption cost, raise the respect such as crop to increase research.

(5) vacuum-packed machinery: China can regard the enterprise of dominant product as be in the minority with vacuum-packed machine now, the production of many enterprises is given priority to with assembling. Main breed has cell, double room, conveyer belt type, intubate type, rotate vacuum room type, heat shapes, gas mixture aerates type, give priority to with semi-automatic operation, full automatic room of continuous, big vacuum and the vacuum-packed chance that suit a liquid to pack are less. Lack efficient, for a special purpose vacuum-packed machine.
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