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Vacuum is dry the application of device and development tendercy
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Current, trend of a of food processing technique significant progress is the nutrition that utmost ground carries provision and lubricious fragrance, and the selects pair of food products nutrition of dry technology and equipment, lubricious fragrance has very big effect. Food is dry have a lot of with " food " the characteristic that contacts, what it is different from chemical product is dry, change of loss of sanitation of food of former need consideration, nutrition, lubricious fragrance is waited a moment, have strict restriction to dry temperature and time; Food is dry what be different from medical product again is dry, because food often is product of low additional cost, and medicines and chemical reagents is product of high additional cost commonly, former the economy that must consider dry course. Around move " quality and economy " , in recent years dry technology and equipment still obtained food to progress not less, and among them vacuum and other are dry method or heat technical photograph is united in wedlock, gifted the connotation with dry new unit mixes vacuum vitality.
1. The characteristic with food dry vacuum
Vacuum is dry it is to be based on such one fundamental: The saturated vapour pressure of water and temperature are close together and relevant, below vacuum condition, the boiling point of water is reduced, issue an operation to leave an operation in microtherm namely in vacuum namely, can avoid to become those who divide a vitamin to wait to destroy in the nutrition below high temperature, raised dry rate at the same time. In this explicit vacuum system, content of the airy inside unit volume under the content in atmosphere, in this relatively anoxic it is dry and OK that food has below the environment reduce the adipose oxidation chance in avoiding food even, pigment brown changes or other oxidation deteriorates etc, use vacuum so dry the food quality with be obtained better.
2. Traditional vacuum is dry device
Vacuum is dry there is wide application in the industry such as food, pharmacy, chemical industry, home also is developed and introduced all sorts of vacuum dryer, its configuration is varied. Commonly used in food industry form basically has desiccator of vacuum of type of box type, double awl, belt vacuum desiccator. Dry device basically uses these traditional vacuum sirocco, vapour or report heat, use heat to conduct, convection or radiation principle quantity of heat from exterior pass stock interior.
2. Desiccator of vacuum of 1 box type
Box type vacuum is dry it is the history the longest, also be desiccator of the simplest a kind of vacuum, there are many inside vacuum sweatbox hollow heat board, heat board inside connect steam to heat commonly, usable also report heats or other radiate heats. Stock is put in the metal dish in park heats board on, quantity of heat is conducted through heat arrive at stock interior, make water portion heats evaporate. Desiccator of box type vacuum is in at present actual in use still very general, apply to liquid, oar body, pink body and medicinal powder of bead food stock dry.
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