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Chinese pump industry breaks through bottleneck of research and development urge
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"Through development of 20 years, although industry of Chinese water pump obtained not small result, but photograph of as advanced as abroad level is compared, can saying is big and not strong, the trade situation of in a state of disunity does not have a change. This kind of current situation is not changed, will affect a trade next development. " Sui Yongbin of chairman of association of industry of Chinese current machinery is in the China that Changsha concluded a few days ago branch of industry of pump of association of general and mechanical industry says so on the 6th 2 members congress.
Competition ability lack
Sui Yongbin points out, come 20 years, pump industry of China grows really very fast, especially nearly two years, industry gross increases ceaselessly. According to the statistic of guild, 2007, pump industry realizes gross value of industrial output 40 billion yuan, the statistic according to national statistic bureau is 60 billion yuan, but actual gross value of industrial output should be controlled in 80 billion yuan, and the demand of whole market is controlled in 100 billion yuan.
Statistical data has so big difference, because comparative,be civilian battalion enterprise does not have one part to be come in by statistic. But rise abruptly just is civilian battalion enterprise quickly, give industry of our country pump infuse new vitality. As we have learned, rate of development of business of a lot of civilian battalion is very rapid, their sale, gross value of industrial output has achieved a few yuan, ten yuan are a few yuan even. In the meantime, state-owned company reorganizations, change made this two years also obtain level sex positive result. Such OK saying, the enterprise basically finished the state-operated of pump industry to transform, begin to develop to diversity direction, industry competition ability increases ceaselessly.
Sui Yongbin says, nevertheless, but still should realise soberly, a few when place of Chinese pump industry is faced with highlight a problem: It is industrial structure sex contradiction did not get essential sex solve. Production company still basically stops domestic pump in low end on the product, duplicate again go to, repeat construction the phenomenon is serious. 2 it is the industry is spent centrally not tall. The data shows, the enterprise of above of dimensions of Chinese pump industry is in 6000 or so about, also somebody thinks, chinese pump makes an enterprise be controlled in 10 thousand. However, a so giant pump makes a group, so far, still do not have materiality to be able to lead an industry the large company group of development into a few, this is the distress of whole pump industry. 3 it is the competition between the enterprise still stays on the level of price war, some enterprises for occupational market, not hesitate to share contest prize with the price under cost, this kind of confused market competition pattern, although the pump trade that causes China passes development of 20 years, but did not form resultant force from beginning to end, cause Chinese pump trade in the world competition ability cannot get very fast promotion.
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