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Body of our country pink creates a technology and equipment current situation
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Process of powdery bead form is handled, it is to show stock of the technology in production is pink graininess reach its mixture, and a lot of and unit operation that gives priority to with physical change, include to build bead, smash, classification, remove dust, filter, precipitation, centrifugal depart, dry, crystallization, mix, carry, to makings, pack wait for a process, its device calls a process to handle installation.

Powdery body makes a technology is the mainest branch that process of powdery bead form treats. Rise as environmental protection demand and degree of manufacturing process automation, farinaceous product is graininess turn the inevitable tide that already made technology of aftertreatment of world pink body.

Technology of body of our country pink and equipment study only then at 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, institute of project of academy pink body has machine of chemical industry of former Chemical Industry Department the earliest expert system research. The course tries hard for years, at present body of our country pink builds a technology to already had certain level, equipment dimensions can satisfy grain of powdery bead body basically to change a requirement. Technology of processing of existing pink body can be divided it is 4 kinds.

Law of agitate law agitate builds bead is Jiang Mou is planted in fine powder of liquid or binder infiltration solid state and appropriately agitate, make fine powder of liquid and solid state is contacted closely each other, produce felt power and form granule. The most commonly used agitate method is to pass disc, taper or canister form to turn when rousing circumgyrate flip through, scroll and shade type hang down fall campaign will finish. According to shaping means can be divided again become a group for scroll granule, mixture granule and powder. Typical equipment has the beat that build bead, inclined beat of dish of machine that build bead, awl builds a machine, disk type to build a machine, platen to make bead machine, kneading machine, sound machine of type batch mixer, pulverous sophisticate (type of hammer type, vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy, belt) , ring down the curtain granule.

The advantage of agitate law is to shape equipment structure is simple, stand-alone crop is big, forms grain is easy fast and deliquescent, drenched sex is strong, defect is grain uniformity bad, forms grain intensity is inferior. At present stand-alone of this kind of equipment handles ability to be able to amount to hour of 500 tons of / most, grain diameter can arrive most 600 millimeter, apply to the domain such as mineral separation course of study, chemical fertilizer, careful chemical industry, food more.

Pressure shapes law this law is to will build the demarcate of powdery body stock of bead to be in specific space, through bringing to bear on outside force impaction is close-grained condition. According to what bringing to bear on the physical system of outside force differs, pressure shapes the law can be divided again for mould pressing law and extruding law.
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