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The strategic target that industry of bearing of our country instrument grows re
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A. Integrated circuit tests a system automatically;

B. Communication, computer, network surveys technology and test system;

C. Microwave, millimeter wave is measured reach test system;

D. Electrician tests system and equipment automatically;

E. The appearance of electrical engineering instrument that can export in great quantities, wait like avometer of kilowatt-hour meter, number;

⑤ sensor, yuan material of parts of an apparatus and appearance

A. The pressure that is used at spot bus line and intelligence to change appearance, humidity, discharge, fluid sensor; Use at the multi-function transducer of the domain such as environmental protection; The small sensor of requirement of spaceflight aviation field;

B. Special and stretch component; Use at all sorts of tally of the domain such as appearance of machinery of numerical control machine tool, spin, automation and civil car; Semiconductor is special circuit (ASIC) with thick film circuit;

C. Appearance material focal point studies development notebook film is changed, miniaturization, fiber is changed, powdery body is changed, compound change, muti_function change, material - component unifinication, intelligence is changed wait for all sorts of new material;

⑥ strengthens technology of instrument appearance foundation, increase the research of stability and technology of dependability general character especially.

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