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A few old tendencies that Chinese pump industry grows
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Current, the concentration of Chinese pump industry is spent not tall, entire industry has not formed the company that has absolutely advantage, competition is very intense between the enterprise. In the spring tide of industry conformity, the author thinks the likelihood appears the following kinds of trends:

One, traditional state-owend enterprise chases fadeout to fall, state can care

On March 22, 2004, negotiation already joint-stock company of long Xiangtan electric machinery buys last a period of time recombine factory of Changsha water pump one case ends eventually, latter is bought formally by joint-stock company of Xiangtan electric machinery, make Hunan report share control share company, this action also initiated annex of enterprise of upriver electric machinery the beginning of enterprise of state-owned and large water pump. In the water pump industry of our country, ever had for a long time " boreal Shenyang, south Changsha " say, the message is transmitted, let a person clutch wrist to brood not only. Should say, system not vivid, administrative lag is the crucial factor that causes such situation, reforming system is the key that solves a problem undoubtedly. To traditional and state-owned company, transform as soon as possible only mechanism, raise ability of market competition capacity to strive for larger development space.

Before long, the star company of a lot of be in fashion for a period inside pump industry is big windy light no longer. On one hand, traditional product and general pump kind the output of the product falls very serious, a lot of 1/4 that already dropped to be not worth former output; On the other hand, the hi-tech pump that forms in recent years kind with special pump kind product, because order goods,also be not worth and bring about productivity many and unused.

2, burgeoning civilian look forward to makes market hard core increasingly

According to newest statistic, state-owned company and state-owned the production value that controls a company is occupied only 30% the left and right sides, civilian battalion enterprise should occupy 50% above, the annual produce in pump business is discharged advanced a few enterprise has been civilian battalion enterprise. Can say, the position that civilian battalion enterprise regards an industry as main body and market backbone be able to formal establish, in prospective development, be sure to act more and more important role.

A lot of civilian battalion companies that short for Zhejiang Province of the earliest inchoative Yu Jiang takes depend on its perfect and scientific and agile management mechanism, perfect sale network a new force suddenly rises. On market of current pump estate, the amount of civilian battalion enterprise already was more than the amount of state-owned company far, the production value of civilian battalion enterprise is far also the production value that is more than state-owned company.
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