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The expert suggests to accelerate make our country give birth to standard of cor
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This morning, 2008 China biology pledges system of standard of energy technology course builds forum to be held in Shanghai. More than 100 relevant expert and enterprise delegate pledge around biology course of energy industry technology, how to make spread out for oriented industrial standard system with the market discuss.

Stone of counselor of the State Council decides extensive region to point out, in development of industry of qualitative energy of our country biology, individual technology research is much, the omnibus research of industrial standard is little, industrial development lacks macroscopical strategic guidance. System of standard of course of technology of industry of raw material energy needs a technology, economy, environment and energy problem to consider integratedly, build a kind of new assessment technique, choose the industrial technology that is worth promotion and extensive development from inside course of existing industry technology.

China but Li Junfeng of vice-president of society of second birth the sources of energy puts forward, the near future target that the industry grows is efficient use all sorts of organic litter, achieve environmental protection and energy-saving goal; Long-term goal is to provide liquid fuel, reduce oil to supply pressure. Start period (2005, 2010) industrial development is perfect technology mainly, explore industrial pattern; Development period (2011, 2020) to raise raw material the sources of energy effectively contribution is spent; Autumn (2021, 2030) change for dimensions replace liquid fuel.

According to ministry of science and technology development of new and high technology and Zhang Zhihong of industrialization department vice director introduce, international society takes seriously very much establish standard of industry of raw material energy, banner chance is taken in order to make homeland gives birth to corporeal energy industry in international competition. He emphasizes, be necessary to draw lessons from foreign experience, accelerate draft the standard of industry of raw material energy that accords with our country national condition, participate in international standard as early as possible at the same time make.

Chen Yong of dean of branch department of Guangzhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences thinks, making standard of industry of raw material energy what should limit above all is raw material the sources of energy; Want plant of normative the sources of energy to produce technology and product standard next, the sources of energy of normative raw material is changed and use technical level. Such ability to make policy is mixed carry out fulfil but law of second birth energy provides a basis, use way of technical innovation demonstrate to promote raw material the sources of energy.

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