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Level of newest valve state and occupation standard
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Administration of standardization of fundamental condition country is in charge of sectional approval to establish and the technology of accredit is organized. The first committee held water 1992, it is the 3rd at present. 46 people of existing committee member, among them 1 person of chairman committee member, 2 people of vice director committee member, secretary-general 1 person. Secretariat unit: Hefei is general and mechanical institute
The Chinese speak or sing alternately of ISO/TC153, ISO/TC/153/SC1/SC2, ISO/TC185 technical orgnaization. Duty makes valve trade extended program is mixed in country and occupation standard annual plan, examine the national level of valve industry and occupation standard, responsible to standard content, the announce of responsible standard putting in a mouth 's charge as string of 1000 cash and explain, be in charge of the standardization technology research of valve industry. Limits putting in a mouth 's charge is in charge of the whole nation actuating device of the valve of high school low pressure with all sorts of qualitative material of general, special purpose, valve, press protection too the standardization of the professional domain such as safe device works. Enclothe a product to general, power station is used, water supply is used, petrifaction uses the shut-off valve that waits for a respect to use, check valve, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, brake a powerful person, pressure-relief valve, relief valve, diaphragm valve, drain valve to wait, and the actuating device of these valve.

Name of level of number of serial number level replaces standard number to carry out date
1Casting pig of of GB/T 12226-2005 general valve technical condition GB/T 12226-1989 2006-01-01
2Nodular cast iron of of GB/T 12227-2005 general valve technical condition GB/T 12227-1989 2006-01-01
3GB/T 12229-1989 2006-01-01 of condition of technology of cast of carbon steel of of GB/T 12229-2005 general valve
4GB/T 12230-1989 2006-01-01 of condition of technology of cast of stainless steel of of GB/T 12230-2005 general valve
5Flange of of GB/T 12232-2005 general valve joins iron makes GB/T 12232-1989 2006-01-01 of brake a powerful person
6GB/T12250-1989 of length of term of of drain valve of GB/T 12250-2005 steam, mark, structure, GB/T12248~12249-89 2006-01-01
7 of drain valve of GB/T 12251-2005 steam tries GB/T 12251-1989 2006-01-01 of proved recipe law
8GB/T 10868-2005 power station decreases GB/T 10868-1989 2006-04-01 of lukewarm pressure-relief valve
9JB/T 10530-2005 oxygen uses shut-off valve 2006-02-01
10JB/T 10529-2005 pottery and porcelain is sealed 2006-02-01 of valve technology condition

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