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In relief formulate of Xing of level of state of two kinds of valve
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On September 9, working group of relief valve of committee of technology of countrywide valve standardization, ball valve (working group of the following abbreviation) in " the countryside of valve " Xing this world holds water. This working group basically is in charge of level of state of domain of our country relief valve, ball valve make edit the job.

Xing in relief valve is initiative at 20 centuries 60 time, have valve to produce a business 573, the manufacturing company of dimensions of 5 million yuan of above amounts to 10. In recent years, the development strength of valve product is increased ceaselessly, be badly in need of formulate editing consequently the national level of valve product, this state level appoint working group of the relief valve that is set in Xing this world, ball valve, solved castigatory of partial valve metric system effectively to organize problem and technical issue. "Xing this world will be on the base that has brand advantage, have technical advantage further, what this is sure to urge standard of technology of whole of industry of Xing in relief valve is ceaseless rise, also will enhance the market competition ability of industry of Xing in relief valve. " Li Xian of mayor of Xing in relief city says.

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