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Our country food packs material to will have the new standard of general rule fo
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In last few years, as management strengthen ceaselessly, quality had the food safety of our country to rise apparently. But, still still the problem exists, for instance food packages data, once appear problem, its harm is more potential. When people buys food, the tag that can carry packet of mount understands its part, but whether does itself of the unintelligible material that pack cause menace to human body health.

As we have learned, at present technology of countrywide plastic products standardizes committee to already organized an expert to draft concerned standard. Among them, " food is packed with general rule of compound film, bag " already examined through the expert. Concerned personage expresses, food packs standard of used compound film, bag current and only a few, but the form that adopts general rule establishs new standard, this still is first time.

Consumer health consciousness rises

Recently, the reporter was visited south hill and blessing cropland a few large supermarkets, particularly right the provision that uses complex package bagging, film undertook understanding. Many consumer express, when although be in at ordinary times,buying food " unless have particularly apparent damaged, smear of what, won't ask of what to provision package " , but as before paragraph the occurrence of problem of time food safety, also begin to paid close attention to food to pack now. Express according to salesman, often have a client buying food moment to raise relevant question.

As we have learned, the country just carries out one of levels of state of food label series compulsively " pack GB7718 of food label general rule beforehand - 2004 " , already the enterprise begins to be carried out self-consciously, come out now in the body in the product. Current, food packs

The standard already caused the attention of consumer, be in south Shan Mou supermarket, the reporter asks about food belong to the same organization of problem of bag bagging quality to shopper, many consumer express, after such standard comes on stage, food safety will get more safeguard.

Brand enterprise pays attention to healthy level

Is at present food produces an enterprise to wrap those who install bag, film to presswork to food how ask? South the Xiaolin of factory of plastic color print tells Shan Mou the reporter, the enterprise can be mixed to quality material raises a requirement character, but the client of index of special requirement hangover is not much. Normal company or it is foreign company, general meeting writes down specific requirement in the contract, if ask,use and so on of what printing ink. He introduces to the reporter, print quickly when printing ink go up in compound film, bag when, need adds alcohol of third of ester of second of toluene, fourth ketone, acetic acid, different to wait for mixture dissolvent in printing ink, such is helpful for dilute and promote dry. To print, such craft is very regular job.
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