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The standard that aluminous material solders
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Solder method: Almost all sorts of soldering the method can be used at soldering aluminium and aluminium alloy, but all sorts of aluminium and aluminium alloy are right soldering methodological adaptability is different, all sorts of soldering the method has its respective application situation. Gas welding and method of welding rod arc welding, equipment simple, operation is convenient. Gas welding can be used at the filling solder that to soldering quality asks not tall aluminous thin plate reachs cast. Welding rod arc welding can be used at the filling solder of aluminium alloy cast. Inert gase protects solder (TIG or MIG) method are to apply the most extensive aluminium and aluminium alloy to solder method. Aluminium and aluminium alloy thin plate can be used tungsten pole communicates argon arc solder or solder of arc of argon of tungsten pole pulse. Aluminium and aluminium alloy are thick board can use helium of solder of arc of tungsten pole helium, argon to mix tungsten pole gas to protect solder, extremely fused aeriform protection solder, pulse is extremely fused gas protects solder. Extremely fused aeriform protection solder, pulse is extremely fused application of aeriform protection solder is wider and wider (argon gas or argon / helium mixes air) the preparation before solder

1, clear before solder: When aluminium and aluminium alloy solder, the oxidation film of mouth of solder of strict cleared workpiece and welding wire surface and smeary; answer before solder

1) chemistry cleans chemistry to clean efficiency tall, quality is stable, apply to clear welding wire and dimension the not big, work that produces group by group. Usable dip is washed law and swab a law two kinds. The organic dissolvent surface such as usable acetone, benzine, kerosene goes oily, the solution of 5% ~ 10%NaOH that uses 70 ℃ of 40 ℃ ~ is alkaline wash time of aluminium of 7 Min(of 3 Min ~ to grow a bit but do not exceed 20 Min) , clear water of going from place to place is rinsed, the 3 Min of ~ of 1 Min of 30%HNO3 solution pickling that uses room temperature to 60 ℃ then, clear water of going from place to place is rinsed, airing or low temperature are dry.

2) machinery clears: Xiang of Ji of Quan ぜ  washs Zhi of  of toad ⑸  to censure mill ぁ ⒍ whizs sincere feeling Qiu of  of rich Jie  spring bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase eventually play of rice huller of the member that second Dang protects 2 take along sth to sb of  to do not have  to ascend Jian rancorring O to throw  of ⑵ of cap   to throw collect Lao of Xiang thanking  secretly, brush show metallic burnish till. Should not be commonly with emery wheel or burnish of common sand paper, lest arenaceous bead stays in metallic surface, bath is entered to produce the limitation such as slag inclusion when soldering. Also can wait with drawknife, file additionally clear the surface that wait for solder.

After clearing if deposit time,grow too (if exceed 24 H) ought to retexture.
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