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The expert is unscrambled " eletroplate contaminant discharges national level "
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Eletroplate contaminant discharges national level to carry out

Be restricted to be worth discharge the poisonous contaminant such as 6 price chromium, nickel, cadmium, silver-colored, lead, mercury

A few days ago, science and technology of environment of You Zhongbing north expands finite liability company (company of environment of north of the arms in the following abbreviation) the national level of chief editor " eletroplate pollutant discharge standard " (GB21900-2008) be approved through relevant section and carry out formally. This is indicating at the same time eletroplate the enterprise is carried out no longer " sewage discharges a standard integratedly " (GB8978-1996) and " air pollution content discharges a standard integratedly " (GB16297-1996) medium relevant provision.

On suitable scope, the GB21900-2008 standard that issues first is applied to existing eletroplate the water pollution content of the enterprise discharges content of management, air pollution to discharge management. If to eletroplating the enterprise builds the environment of the project to affect environmental protection of design of establishment of evaluation, environmental protection, complete to check and accept,reach its to cast content of postpartum water, air pollution to discharge management; New the optional location that establishs contaminative source and the government that special groove guard has contaminative cause inside region. In addition, this standard also applies to establishment of craft of zincous oxidation finishing.

On specific content, this standard set eletroplate enterprise and have eletroplate of the enterprise of establishment eletroplate of water pollution content and air pollution content discharge be restricted the content such as the value. When discharging liquid waste to the town drainage system that installs sewage treatment plant like the enterprise, poisonous contaminant is 6 price chromium, nickel, cadmium, silver-colored, lead, mercuric the position carries out the monitoring that sets in this standard to be discharged accordingly be restricted to be worth; Of other contaminant discharge control requirement to sewage disposal ability decides or implement relative standard according to its by enterprise and town sewage treatment plant, sign up for local environmental protection to be in charge of a branch to put on record; Town sewage treatment plant should assure to discharge contaminant to achieve relevant discharge standard requirement. When construction project plans to discharge liquid waste to the town drainage system that installs sewage treatment plant, the regulation of the money before by construction unit and town sewage treatment plant are pressed is carried out.

Expert introduction, eletroplate the industry is versatility strong, use range is wide, cross the industry, serious treatment industry that crosses a branch, tell from the technology, eletroplate the industry uses the poisonous and harmful chemical such as solution of a large number of strong acid, alkali, heavy metal and cadmium, prussiate, if exceeded mark fiducial value,liquid waste, waste gas and waste residue are discharged in process, cause environmental pollution very easily; Equipment of a lot of small and medium sized business is pallet and together with is dated, basically give priority to with manual operation again, accordingly, strengthen eletroplate contaminant discharges national level make appear particularly important.
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