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Development of solar energy estate needs standard go ahead of the rest
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At present existence technology issue is in solar energy industry blame bear press stand-alone product to go up to had been solved. But, what popularize solar energy and building unifinication project in urban district is not perfect, restricted the application of fission type solar energy in the city.

After service problem still is the serious problem of solar energy industry. In the product coessential change, below the environment that propagandist deal in generalities, mode changes likewise, the solar energy industry of our country is after quality of technical issue, production, after service, still facing more new issues, these problems limitted the rapid development of the industry. If want the progress of industry of truly normative solar energy, need to follow take as the point of departure from mark above all, build the standard system that industry of start on a journey develops.

It is the industry admittance standard with severe shortage. Because do not have rigid industry admittance standard, caused many " mill type " , " guerrilla warfare type " the enterprise enters solar energy industry, draw near famous brand, draw near an officer company is many and flush, stayed a series of the problem such as credit of product quality, after service, industry is inextricability. On August 4, 2007, by quality of Chinese standardization academy, China 10 thousand lis of travel promote meeting, China but second birth the sources of energy learns those who hold to be initiated jointly " seminar of level of state of solar energy water heater " . The problem that block trade develops was analysed on the meeting, among them " market admittance standard is lax " become among them important.

2 it is solar energy and building application standard are short of break. Urban district, to assure the beautiful sex of floor, solar energy and building unifinication are become basically settle way. But when wanting to popularize solar energy and building unifinication project, the installation in still lacking solar energy to apply in the building, design, construction, examine the standard that waits for a series of unity.

Although say, our country has owned a building energy-saving standard, also have examine an orgnaization, but great majority develops business and did not undertake designing according to energy-saving requirement.

Solar energy enterprise -- the building develops business -- project business -- contractor -- inspect grain merchant, made the chain that house property develops. Every link has this chain interface standard, solar energy of a complete set of is short of with what build applied standard break, affected the promotion that solar energy is in urban district badly. Want to popularize solar energy and building unifinication project, premise is the solar energy that should build one cycle and building application standard.

3 it is the product serves standard system to be short of break. Solar energy water heater is only on particular significance a kind " semi-manufactured goods " , before carry out, carry out the medium, after service crucial factor that becomes decision product to use the effect. Standard of standard of after service fittings, rate, installation, check and accept a standard to wait be short of break, make solar energy service is in free condition, lack is normative. Especially of enterprise of a less known and inferior brand " solar energy is orphan " because search,be less than manufacturer, cannot get a service more. Current, the industry still lacks the service safeguard of pair of this part products.
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