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6 of professional sun film rigid standards
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6 of professional sun film rigid standards

Wait for a reason as a result of the technology, home can have not produced the business of sun film at present, the domestic film that so a few agency say does not have any basises. Additional, all sorts of film have the branch of relative superiority or inferiority of character, function only, the professional film that says inside the industry namely and the cent that are not professional film. Do not have true film or false film not, have the branch of brand true and false only.

So what kind of film is just " professional sun film " ? We can try to notice from the following respects:

The endurance of color

Professional sun film uses deep-seated coloring technology, go to dye infuse polyester film base piece in, make velar color full and subdued, abiding and durable. And use vacuum plating aluminium or magnetism to accuse to splash the complete metallization that shoots technical production film, color is more lasting and changeless. Under photograph comparing, a few inferior film that Asian area produces, mere consist in installs dye in glue, fade fade phenomenon is very apparent.

Prevent cut

Of professional sun film the outerest plating has to prevent cut layer flintily, to consumer, this kind contains the sun film that prevents cut sex to also facilitate the fluctuation motion of car pane and daily cleanness are safeguarded, won't leave nick. But be not professional film, the worker is when construction, often must tear off the diaphragm that come down to fill up above have squeezing process, the velar surface that just had stuck in order to avoid already was the phenomenon of nick completely.

Prevent UV

Professional sun film can cut off the ultraviolet ray of 99% produces effect continuously, the UV that is not professional film cuts off rate still be less than 50% .

Adiabatic rate

Rate of heat insolation of professional sun film can achieve 40%-65% commonly. Film of major of and rather than is promiscuous concept, often use " infrared ray cuts off rate " the concept is pretended to be " adiabatic rate " , the numerical value that the newspaper gives is as high as hundred even, ignore scientific law at all.


Professional sun film is in have higher adiabatic rate while, the clarity that still can maintain altitude is transparent, stick on glass to won't cause faintness to be out of shape phenomenon, do not affect nightly drive a vehicle, because this also need not be in gouge of side-glance lens place two small part, leave ugly gap.

Detect report

Film of the archives before major should produce quality quantity to supervise through safety of transportation of the Ministry of Public Security detect strict test of the center, prove visible light transmitance is inside national limit, proof UV cuts off the true numerical value of rate.
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