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Wen Zhou eletroplates association intensifies carrying out contaminant to discha
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This year on June 25, quality of environmental protection ministry, nation is supervised examine quarantine total bureau is released " eletroplate pollutant discharge standard (GB21900, 2008) " , this is a mandatory national standard. Then, will save environmental protection bureau to hold national pollutant discharge standard to groom in restaurant of grand of Hangzhou city weather on August 20 class, environmental protection branch, eletroplate wait for heavy pollution industry in all 300 much people attend groom. Bureau of province environmental protection attends a meeting about chief speech, groom requirement each district should have done the conference to be opposite " eletroplate pollutant discharge standard " conduct propaganda carries out the job. At this point, talk about a few shallow to know reference.

One, eletroplate the setting that pollutant discharge standard publishs. Beijing Olympic Games just ended, beijing government official shows clearly when answering domestic and international reporter to ask, the job of Beijing environmental protection after Beijing Olympic Games is not to loosen, ask however stricter. Visible, pollution of prevention and cure, protect and improve zoology environment, health of safeguard human body takes the height that causes a government more and more seriously. This year on June 25, ministry of national environmental protection issues the 26th announcement, approval makes a starch papermaking, eletroplate, synthetic leather and eider down industry, leatheroid industry, ferment kind of pharmacy industry, chemistry synthesizes kind of pharmacy industry, extraction kind pharmacy industry, traditional Chinese medical science kind project of pharmacy industry, biology kind pharmacy industry, mix outfit preparation kind pharmacy industry, refine sugar industry in all. 11 are announced in same day mandatory national level fact is belonged to rare. In the meantime, on July 1, dispatch of environmental protection ministry " the announcement that works about strengthening key enterprise cleanness to produce examine and verify further " , make clear a regulation, report, steely to fire, coloured, eletroplate, the heavy pollution industry such as papermaking, pharmacy, food, brew, printing and dyeing is executed mandatory clean production examine and verify. On July 2, ministry of national environmental protection issues the 28th announcement again, be in since September 1, 2008 too lake catchment is carried out " special discharge be restricted to be worth " in the regulation, divide above already announcement outside 11 pollutant discharge standard, added newly again " life rubbish is filled bury a pollution to control a standard " , " heterocyclic content discharges kind of pesticide industry water pollution mark the Huaihe River " . In light of the big movement of standard of a series of about environmental protection law that publish early or late from the country, code, regulations, standard and normative sex file, advance in the round energy-saving decrease a platoon, protect and improve an environment, already made a basic national policy of our country, it is to promote economic society to coordinate the job of a strategy that can expand continuously, the height that must cause everybody takes seriously.
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