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Shaanxi province comes on stage " hot loop is muti_function stoving equipment "
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A few days ago, by the province business affairs hall is put forward, dryer institute of in good health city is in charge of drafting " hot loop is muti_function stoving equipment " standard of Shaanxi province place is passed authorized, save a place to recommend executive level as Shaanxi, by standardization administrative director branch is released carry out. This is standard of place of the first when I save chrysalis silk industry complete province.

This standard is had not only apparent efficient, energy-saving, fall advantage of bad news, safe, environmental protection, and adaptability is wide, a variety of fuel such as can contented coal, bavin a variety of compatible, stock are common, agree with especially drying of bright chrysalis of base of mulberry of silkworm of a mountainous area and upland area. Nearly two years, in carry out " Dong Sang moves on the west " in the project, my province already was arranged transform build carbonado chrysalis kitchen 136. Current, my province already was being saved completely certainly popularize energetically use this kind of energy-saving environmental protection model carbonado chrysalis kitchen, take every kitchen allowance 10 thousand yuan method, force contention two years of time, complete province the rest carbonadoes chrysalis kitchen is transformed basically end, in order to realize requirement of energy-saving environmental protection.

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