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Eyebrow hill develops catenary of polycrystalline silicon industry to make silic
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"Luck can the building of polycrystalline silicon, will make eyebrow hill forms industry of one big pillar. " the development that Jiang Renfu of secretary of eyebrow hill municipal Party committee mentions prospective eyebrow hill expresses, eyebrow hill will rely on luck can the polycrystalline silicon resource of bibcock enterprise, strengthen section of downstream monocrystalline silicon, silicon, solar battery, solar energy actively to generate electricity of the project such as the system introduce, realize resource on the spot to change hard, outspread industry catenary, cultivate industrial group, make thereby eyebrow hill becomes Sichuan and even throughout the country's important silicon industry base.

Polycrystalline silicon of base oneself upon is outspread industrial catenary

As we have learned, sichuan luck can silicon data limited company will invest 4.5 billion yuan in eyebrow hill, build 6000 tons / year polycrystalline silicon productivity. First phase 3000 tons / year polycrystalline silicon project, at formal on April 18, 2008 start, the plan invests 1.8 billion yuan this year, predicting next year will give a product in Feburary. 2 period 3000 tons / year polycrystalline silicon project, the plan invests 1.9 billion yuan, already made an appointment with at formal on August 6, 2008 autograph. Already finished in the round at present ask for the ground to tear open change and field to make the same score, undertaking research and development and design, plan formal this year in December go into operation.

Company enclosure is already all and at present finishing, construction unit temporarily the dormitory is already all and finishing, principal part of the division before the factory is finished entirely, fair complementary engineering construction work already was finished 80% , equipment foundation already was finished entirely, fair complementary equipment already was installed partly, advocate device earth is built finish entirely, steel structure begins to install, advocate plant equipment already began to enter the arena, civil engineer roadbed is finished entirely, caustic soda already finished earth to build 65% , equipment reachs the spot in succession.

First phase 3000 tons / year after polycrystalline silicon building, predict 8 billion yuan to be able to achieve year of sales revenue, profit 2 billion yuan, taxes 1 billion yuan. "After the order that at present our company receives has ordered 5 years, a lot of silicon material of countrywide used a company to issue order to us. " Sichuan luck can Tu Jianlin of silicon data limited company tells a reporter, according to construction schedule, can achieve sales revenue 2009 3 billion yuan of above, 2010 5 billion yuan of above, 2015 10 billion yuan of above.

Do well the service recommends resource company

As we have learned, 1, in September, eyebrow hill city finishs fixed assets to invest seventeen billion nine hundred and sixteen million yuan, grow 12.8% compared to the same period. This city includes provincial and major project to plan a project 8 this year, plan 1.58 billion yuan to complete investment, before 9 months already completed investment 1.539 billion yuan, 97.38% what take annual target job. Among them Hong Yameng is arrogant industry of milk of project of construction of contemporary grass base, unconscious ox (eyebrow hill) limited company liquid state suckles a project to wait to clutching among construction, dimeite is careless the project such as first phase of first phase of pleasant phosphine product line, product line of mirabilite of plain eyebrow special type already put into production.
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