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The whole world is the greatest solar energy vacuum tube is industrial Zhejiang
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As our country promotion new-style the sources of energy uses the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, stimulative company, the success that promotes an enterprise economic benefits sets an example project, by group of solar energy of Beijing day general bear the Zhejiang Asia-Pacific that build is special solar energy of limited company of wide cut printing and dyeing heats the system is energy-saving transform reach more than heat to reclaim to use project first phase integratedly 3000 smooth rice projects, built in Zhejiang recently, the building of this project also means the whole world the biggest solar energy is industrial Zhejiang of our country of settle of water system all.

The relevant engineering personnel that occupies company of solar energy of Beijing day general introduces, on the foundation of system of warm-up of first phase solar energy, 2 period the project still will install liquid waste of printing and dyeing more than heat reclaims system. At present whole project is intensifying construction, predict will 2009 the copy is all and complete, will build finally 50, collect heats up the day general solar energy of 000 square metre and 5, 600 tons of more than heat reclaim to use a system integratedly. After whole project is finishing will but year economic coal fired 20, 000 tons, economic energy cost will achieve 20 million yuan of above.

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