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Solid of double lock of cent of Ai Zhishuang analyse is sealed win national pate
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A few days ago, from open letter of bureau of intellectual property of country of People's Republic of China the understanding on breath website arrives, limited company of group of Ai Zhi technology (group of Ai Zhi of the following abbreviation) solid of double lock of cent of a kind of of own research and development double analyse is sealed obtain agreement of 4 countries patent and an international patent to protect (national patent date: 3278172.5; Three million three hundred and forty-seven thousand and eighty-two; 200620132712.X; 200620132713.4; International patent registers name: PCT/CN2007/002391, patent inventor Zhao Jingwei) . This patent invents moxa annals group to had entered industrialization stage of production at present, analyse of mark our country divides sealed technology to achieve significant breakthrough. Oil of component of product of cent of this kind of analyse uses moxa annals group (AIG5505) series and fat are used (AIG5500) series.

In two mechanical component or machining complex are formed between each component not all sorts of device that leakage joins place is used or system are called sealed. There are much decelerate chance and bearing box in industrial production, in all sorts of mechanical facility that have runner shaft, bearing needs to work below lubricant condition, the divulges the pollution that can create an environment, resource waste of lube reachs the attaint of equipment, the model that uses normally is sealed it is to tighten type lip condition oneself sealed, it encircles composition by framework of balata lip, metal and bedspring, its function depends on keeping apart oil pocket and outside, seal oil internally, external dustproof.

Tighten type lip condition oneself sealed the good point with have sealed property good, but tear open outfit is relatively inappropriate, need undertakes install and disassembling from one aspect of the matter, that is to say, fall of the circumstance of other spare parts on the axis, they can hamper likely tear open sealedly outfit, the likelihood needs to undertake disassembling to other spare parts. If sealed it is metallic framework, because sealed be filled with to pass more with equipment cooperate, when disassemble, still need to pass on equipment bore uses iron stick to come out sealed top, relatively trival. Overall for, traditional and sealed safeguard inconvenience, maintenance time is long.

With the runner shaft coming back that uses as one used to do sealed analyse divides a structure for odd analyse, below the condition that did not change basically in material and design namely, use simple cutting tool, even scissors cuts common oil seal to start to talk, adopt this cut, can get on sealed and direct installation to the axis or tear open from the axis below, and won't receive interference of other spare parts. This is the simplest analyse cent form. However, although come true easily,odd analyse is divided, but cannot be popularized in great quantities however and use, the cut that divides because of odd analyse realizes stretch compensation hard, glue is stuck receive often can cause analyse to divide place hardness exorbitant and influence life, cut heal sex is very poor; The analyse cent type of research and development of place of moxa annals group is sealed reflected " of " reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture the key that this analyse divides sealed technology. Next, material of traditional tall coefficient of friction, although not analyse divides its life to also do not grow, the odd analyse cent that did not upgrade through material is sealed often do not have favorable sealed result and service life.
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