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Le Shan finishs year of item of polycrystalline silicon of solar energy class to
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New energy industry shows whole industry cable length

15 days, save major project -- east project of polycrystalline silicon of 1500 tons of solar energy class builds branch of material of silicon of steam happy hill the spot, 26 pieces of pictures were recorded this year on Feburary 28 the construction process since project start working; On building site, workers are working in insecurity. "All equipment and installation material already all reached the designated position, make sure the end of the year can drive try move. " company spot chief says.

Le Shan already shifted to an earlier date the investment plan that a quarter completes major this year project. Happy hill city develops innovation appoint director Luo Xinli introduces, le Shan implements early, measure to major project this year capable, advance fast. Before predicting new year's day, east steam 2 period polycrystalline silicon of 1500 tons of solar energy class, day is happy product line of 300 thousand tons of PVC and well grind 1 million tons of vacuum makes salt wait for 3 provinces major project, still will in succession start working construction.

This year, province government assesses sheet to list an item to end of year of happy hill city in all 11, the plan invests 2.63 billion yuan, before 9 months complete investment 2.698 billion yuan. Among them, add builds major project 7, alkaline, Qian is Le Shan and sanded bay hydroelectric station, confederacy and nation group vacuum makes salt, east product line of cement of dry method of Inc. of Jin Ding of first phase of polycrystalline silicon of energy level of sun of company of data of silicon of steam happy hill, Sichuan and Muchuan.

In saving 50 keys to push a project completely, happy hill city attended 3. Railroad of border of happy into continous city (Le Shan paragraph) construction of the start working before planning the end of the year; Project of base of property of saline phosphor chemical industry is advanced faster, include 15 subprojects, the investment that finish 994 million yuan, 99.4% what occupy year investment to plan 1 billion yuan; Polycrystalline silicon and industry of solar energy smooth hot season take a project to go well.

Le Shan invests the new energy industry with the greatest strength nearly two years to form whole industry chain basically already: Material of upriver polycrystalline silicon is produced, have job of new smooth silicon 1200 tons, east steam 4500 tons, always auspicious 7000 tons, happy report Tian Wei wait for large quantities of one projects 3000 tons to be in build or be about to start working; Industry of downstream smooth hot season, have east steam day of base of 120 property of Zhao Waguang bend over, develop is new can the big project such as garden of 1000 industry of Zhao Waguang bend over. Predicting 3-5 inside year, industry of happy hill polycrystalline silicon will attain the scale of 100 billion, become the base of industry of Chinese silicon data of be worthy of the name.

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